Mobile app integration via Adjust

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If you are not connected to the Adjust tracking system, select another integration method. Learn more

If you have a mobile app, your manager will suggest setting up the mobile tracking for your affiliate program, when you join Admitad Partner Network.

To set up the integration with Admitad:

1. Log into your Adjust account.

2. Add Admitad to Adjust following this guide.

For integration, you will need the postback_key value. How to get postback_key

  • If you set up tracking for both IOS and Android operating systems, it is required to set the postback_key value on the Adjust platform for each OS:

    • Android

    • iOS

After adding Admitad to Adjust, you will be provided with partner access — a limited set of permissions for setting up an affiliate program.

3. Create an Adjust tracker URL for Admitad (see this guide) and send it to an Admitad representative.

An example of a tracker URL:{{admitad_uid}}&campaign=AOC-And-{{publisher_id}}&adgroup={{publisher_id}}_{{subid}}&tracker_limit=100000

4. Expand Event Linking (Partner SetupAdmitadEvent Linking) and select actions that need to be transmitted to Admitad. 

It is required to select at least one target action.

5. Go to Admitad (Partner SetupAdmitad).

6. Enable the option:

  • In-App Revenue Forwarding, so that Admitad receives the price (order amount) parameter.

  • Parameter Forwarding, so that Admitad receives the oid (order number) parameter.
    If in your SDK you use:

    • the 'transaction_id' variable for passing the order number, you do not need to set up Partner Parameter Mapping. In this case, Adjust will send this 'transaction_id' value as the oid parameter to Admitad.  

    • the variable with another name (for example, ‘order_id’), you need to set up Partner Parameter Mapping by filling out the following fields:
      • FROM APP: enter "order_id".
      • TO ADMITAD: enter "transaction_id".

Done! You have set up the integration of your mobile app with Admitad via the Adjust tracking system.


Where do I find the postback_key value? 

  • If you have a manager, contact them and ask to provide you with the postback_key value.

  • If you do not have a manager, you can get thepostback_keyvalue in your personal account:

    • in the General settings section;
    • in the Integration section.
  • 1. In your account, go to the General settings section (Program → General settings).

    2. In the Tracking and transition settings section, the Tracking actions from field, select browser and mobile application.

    3. The postback_key value will be displayed in the Token field.

  • 1. In your account, go to the Integration section (Program → Integration).

    2. Click Next and, on the Integration methods page, open the Custom integration tab.

    3. In Custom integration, choose Postback and click Next.

    4. Find the postback_key value in the table at the top of the screen (the Integration setup: unique parameter values for your program section).

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