How to add an ad space on Admitad

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After you sign up in Admitad, you need to add an ad space.

An ad space is a place where you're planning to promote advertisers' products and place affiliate links.

Imagine you are running an AliExpress unboxing channel on YouTube. You want to publish affiliate links, which lead to websites with products you advertise, right in video descriptions to earn on further sales. In this case, your space is the YouTube channel.

Read our text What can serve as an ad space? to learn about other types of ad spaces.

You cannot use resources you don't own as ad spaces.

Adding an ad space

Step 1. Right after your registration is complete, you will be taken to the ad space adding page.

If you already have an ad space, but you want to add another one, click the name of the existing ad space, then Add and follow this link.


Step 2. On the ad space adding page, specify the programs you would like to join.

  • In Country, select one or several target regions.
  • In Category, select one or several affiliate program subjects.

Click Next.

Step 3. Specify the ad space type.

If you don't know your ad space type, expand the table below.

  • Ad space Type

    Social media community or personal page (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

    Video channel (YouTube, Twitch, TikTok)

    Snapchat or Pinterest account

    Yandex.Dzen or another blog

    Social network

    Telegram channel

    WhatsApp/Viber chat


    Targeted ads on social media or advertising platforms (Facebook, TikTok, myTarget, etc.)

    Contextual advertising (e.g., Google Ads)

    Teaser advertising

    Push-notification advertising

    Click-underpop-up, or pop-under ads

    Traffic purchase


    Thematic site

    Dropshipping store

    Affiliate store


    Price comparison website

    Cashback site

    Coupon site

    Loyalty program

    Email database for newsletters

    Web service

    Mobile app

    Browser extension

    Computer program


    Programs and apps

If you want to add several ad spaces of different types, select all the types in this step.

Click Next.


Step 4. Specify the ad space subtype.

If you have already selected several ad space types, specify a subtype for each of them.

Сlick Next.

Step 5. Specify the ad space name and provide the link to it.

For ad spaces of the Traffic purchase type, the link will be added automatically.

If you want to add several ad spaces of this subtype, click Add more. Specify the name of each new ad space and provide a link to each of them.

Click Ready.

Done! You have added your ad space.

If your ad space is a

  • social network,
  • website,
  • or web service,

a new page will open after you add the ad space. There, you will have to confirm you own the ad space and thus are entitled to earn on it.

Guide: How to confirm that you own an ad space



Do I have to add an ad space?

Yes. You need to add at least one ad space to cooperate with Admitad. Without an ad space, you won't be able to join programs or get affiliate links.

Why so? Advertisers need to know where their products will be promoted and where traffic will come from. This is why you will have to specify an ad space when connecting to any affiliate program.

No, affiliate links for a program can only be placed on sites connected to that program.


We've added our Instagram as a space, connected it to the program iHerb, and received an affiliate link. We can only publish the link on this Instagram blog. We cannot publish the same link on our Facebook community, in contextual ads, or on any forum.

If the advertiser discovers the users came through your links from an ad space you haven't connected to the program, they can decline all actions generated in such an ad space.

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