Why are my earnings "Awaiting advertiser payment"?

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Funds get the Awaiting advertiser payment status when the advertiser confirms the action but the program balance is insufficient to pay the reward.

In this case, such action will receive the Awaiting advertiser payment status in your reports. The reward for this action will remain in the Balance Details section but will become Awaiting advertiser payment.

Why are my earnings awaiting advertiser payment?

When will "Awaiting advertiser payment" funds become "Ready for withdrawal"?

It depends on how soon the advertiser replenishes the program balance. Normally, it is done monthly.
The next day after the replenishment, your earnings will become Ready for withdrawal.

However, some advertisers replenish their balance irregularly and seldom. We, on Admitad Partner Network side, can hardly do anything to influence the situation: the funds will remain Awaiting advertiser payment until the advertiser tops up the balance.

You can withdraw your earnings without waiting for the advertiser to replenish the balance using the Instant Payout Lite service, provided that your account complies with the criteria.

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