Why the balance has turned negative

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If your balance has Ready for withdrawal status and has turned negative, it means that some of the rewards that you have already withdrawn from Admitad Partner Network have been automatically deducted from your balance and returned to the advertiser’s balance.

The reason for this deduction is due to the detection of affiliate program rule violations on the actions for which these rewards were accrued.

For example, after the target action was confirmed, fraud was detected, or the customer canceled the order, issued a refund, etc.

In this case, the advertiser has the right to decline such actions (even if they were previously confirmed).

Publishers receive no rewards for declined actions. Therefore, rewards will be automatically deducted from your balance and returned to the advertiser.

How it will affect your account and balance

1. Your rewards with Ready for withdrawal status will be deducted from your balance in the program currency for actions that have been declined.

  • If there are not enough funds in the program currency with Ready for withdrawal status, the missing amount will be deducted from the funds with Ready for withdrawal status in other currencies.

  • If the total amount of funds with Ready for withdrawal status is less than the amount that should be returned to the advertiser, it will be deducted from the balance, i.e., the sum in one of the currencies with Ready for withdrawal status will turn negative.

2. In the Balance history section, a transaction will appear with the type Withdrawal and the reason Fine for fraudulent actions.

  • The comment on the reason will specify the program to which the fine relates.
  • The fine currency will match the program’s currency.

You can view the breakdown details by clicking Learn more in the reason and download a detailed report on the declined actions.


If funds for declined actions under the affiliate program were deducted in several currencies, the Balance history will show a separate deduction operation for each of the currencies. In addition, a breakdown of each applied fine will contain all actions for which rewards were returned to the advertiser as part of one processing of fraudulent actions.

3. In the Reports on actions section, the status of these actions will remain Confirmed. This is caused by the system’s technical features.

If one of your balance currencies has a negative amount, you will not be able to delete your account.

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