How to add your affiliate program rules in Admitad

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The rules you create for your affiliate program are the terms, restrictions, and requirements that you expect your publishers to comply with if they choose to join your program.

For example, in your program rules, you can specify the negative keywords for contextual advertising, your ad space and advertisement requirements, and any other restrictions you may deem necessary.

Your publishers can view your rules in the Program rules section, on the page of your program in the Admitad Store catalog. Publishers also read and accept the rules when submitting a request for joining a program.

With the program rules, you can:

  • Monitor your publishers’ activities.
  • Let your publishers know which actions they must avoid.

If you encounter any breach of your rules, you reserve the right to penalize the publisher responsible for the breach. For example, you can reject the publisher’s target actions or remove that publisher from your program.

How to add your program rules

We recommend watching this video, which makes it easier to understand and follow the process of adding rules for your affiliate program.

The procedure for adding your program rules depends on how your program is managed.

  • If your program is managed by your personal manager, you should refer to your manager for assistance. Before adding the rules that you have created to your program, your manager can help you review them.
    Guidelines for configuring your program rules
  • If you manage your own program, then it is up to you to configure the rules for your program.
    To add your program rules, go to Rules (Program → Program profile → Rules).

See below the guidelines and suggestions for configuring your program rules.

  • If publishers from other countries have joined your program, make sure to have your program rules translated into their native languages (see how to have your rules translated).

  • If you need to update your program rules, feel free to consult our manual.

How to configure your program rules: guidelines and suggestions

Make sure to include in your affiliate program rules any restrictions, requirements, and other details concerning your program.

If this is the first time you are adding your program information, you can use the overview template provided in the box.

Please fill out the template form to add an overview of your program:

  • Negative keywords: Provide a list of words and phrases that your publishers are not allowed to use in contextual advertising, if applicable.

  • Do third-party creatives need to be approved by the advertiser: Indicate yes or no.

  • Other rules: Specify any additional rules and restrictions, if any.
    For example:

    • Requirements for publisher ad spaces.
    • Terms and conditions for using your logo, ad creatives, or brand name.
    • Requirements for mass emails, newsletters, and graphic materials, and template approval requirements.
    • You may not create or design a website or an interface in a manner which resembles the advertiser’s website and/or the advertiser’s website interface.

    • You may not create any social media groups on behalf of the advertiser’s company.

    • You may not use redirects, send pop-ups or non-closing windows, or any other intrusive ads, such as PopUp, ClickUnder, Toolbar, etc.

    • You may not use our brand name, including its close variations or misspellings, in any queries. If we encounter any breach of our program rules, we reserve the right to permanently deactivate the responsible affiliate publisher’s account at any time, and all of the publisher’s earnings will be returned to the advertiser. The publisher’s account will be deactivated at the first instance of such breach.

    • Our program will not pay for any target action-based orders if they are placed from corporate emails and/or with corporate coupons.

    • You may not use any ad creatives other than those created by Admitad. For any other ad creatives, prior to their use, you must send them to the advertiser for approval by submitting a support request to Admitad. If you fail to obtain the advertiser’s approval for any ad creatives you choose to promote, the advertiser may terminate you from the affiliate program.

    • You may not send out any unapproved emails or newsletters, namely any spamming bulk emails, text messages, mass posting links, including any reference to the advertiser’s tradename and/or website.

    • If you use this traffic source and wish to continue our partnership, please share with us the layout details of your email or newsletter and your mailing list, which you can submit to us as a support ticket for our review. You may not send out any emails or newsletters under this program unless they have been approved by the advertiser. Failure to comply will result in rejection of your participation in the program.


How to add the translated versions of your program rules

If you wish to partner with international publishers, you may want to add the translations of your program rules into English and other languages spoken by the publishers, in addition to the language of your website (German, Polish, etc.).

This will enhance the user engagement and bring in more affiliates.

  • If your program is managed by your personal manager, you should refer to your manager for assistance in adding the translated versions of your program rules. 

  • If you manage your own program, you should complete the following steps.

To add a new translation of your program rules: 

1. Go to the Rules page (Program → Program profile → Rules) and click Add translation.

In addition to providing the translation of your program rules, we also recommend providing translations of the program name, the program overview, and a brief description. Read more about how to add this information.

2. In the opened window, please provide the following information:

  • Language: Select the language of the new translation of your program rules and other information.

  • Program name: Enter the name of your program. It is generally the same as the name of your website or brand (as written in Latin characters).

  • Program overview: Add the overview of your program, which you provided in About the Program, as translated into the language of your choice.

  • Program description: Provide a brief description of your program translated into the language of your choice. Length of the description: up to 1–2 lines.
  • Program rules: Add your program rules in the language of your choice. 

3. Click Save changes.

Done! The newly translated program rules will appear under the About the Program in other languages tab.

How to update your affiliate program rules

The procedure for updating your program rules depends on the status of your program and on the way your program is managed.

Program status



Program pending

Update your Rules (Program → Program profile → Rules).

Refer to your manager for assistance in updating your program rules. 

Program running

Refer to Admitad Support, at, for assistance in updating your program rules.

Refer to your manager for assistance in updating your program rules. 

Important! If your program is already running and if the updated rules are more restrictive, you should send to your publishers a 5-day notice regarding the updated program rules.

This will allow your publishers some time to review the updated rules and, if necessary, take appropriate action. For example, if you have listed any additional negative keywords, your publishers may want to remove such keywords from their contextual ads.

We, therefore, strongly recommend that you notify Admitad Support or your manager in a timely manner.

Upon receiving your request, Admitad will act accordingly by:

  • Sending a 5-day notice to your publishers to inform them that your program rules have been updated.
  • Reconfiguring your program rules accordingly by traffic sources.

If, however, you choose to ease and relax your program rules, submitting a 1-day notice to your publishers may be sufficient for them to act accordingly.

Video guide

You have successfully updated your program rules. What’s next?

After you have completed updating your program rules, you can proceed to configure other settings of your program, including:

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