What is Admitad Earnings Wallet?

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Admitad Earnings Wallet is a payout service for Admitad partners that allows users to manage the funds they have earned and withdraw conveniently.

Currently, Admitad Earnings Wallet is only available to Admitad Partner Network publishers. The service will soon be available to users of other Admitad products.

Admitad Earnings Wallet:

  • provides convenient methods to withdraw funds
  • allows you to withdraw money within 24 hours using express payments
  • works with your earnings transparently
  • guarantees your funds will be secure.

How it works:

1. Your earnings go into the balance of your account for the Admitad product you're working with.

2. You then transfer your funds to Admitad Earnings Wallet.

3. You can then withdraw money from Admitad Earnings Wallet using any method convenient to you, such as PayPal, your bank account, etc.


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