How to delete your Mitgo ID account

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You can:

How to delete your Mitgo ID completely

Note. You can't cancel an account deletion request. After the Mitgo ID account is completely deleted, all your accounts for all other Mitgo products and services will be deleted automatically. You will no longer be able to restore them, log in to them, get information about them, or withdraw your funds.

Do the following to delete your account completely:

1. In Security, click Delete account in the Manage account subsection.

2. On the new page, click Start.

3. On the next page, click Yes to start deleting your account.

4. A message with the account deletion confirmation code will be sent to your email.
What to do if you don't receive the message

5. On the new page in your Mitgo ID account, enter the code and click Confirm.

6. On the new page, check one or several reasons for deleting your account, then click Delete account.

You can also describe the reason for deleting your account in the Comment field.

Done! You have sent a request to completely delete your Mitgo ID account.

  • Your account will be deleted within 30 days.

  • On the day your Mitgo ID account is deleted, a notification will be sent to your email. All your accounts for all Mitgo products and services will also be deleted.

What to do if you don't receive a confirmation message

If you don't see an account deletion confirmation message:

  • Be patient. It may take a while to send you a confirmation message.

  • Check the Spam folder and/or try to find the message by subject (Please confirm that you were the person who initiated the change in your Mitgo ID account).

If none of the steps above help or if you run into other problems, please contact support at

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