Mitgo ID: a single account for everything in Mitgo

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Mitgo ID is a service that helps you manage your all-in-one Mitgo account.

The Mitgo account stores the following:

  • Your personal information: full name, date of birth, country of residence
  • Security settings
  • Information about linked social media accounts and services
  • Session history and data; other information

The Mitgo ID account allows you to access all Mitgo products and services: Admitad, TakeAds, Earnings Wallet, and others.

When you change information or settings in your Mitgo ID account, these changes apply automatically to all your accounts for Mitgo products and services that you use.

The Mitgo ID account has several sections:

  • My details. In this section, you can:
    • Edit your personal information (see this guide).
    • Link your social media or another account to your Mitgo ID account (see this guide).
  • Security. In this section, you can:
    • Change your email (see this guide).
    • Add your phone number or delete one (see this guide).
    • Change your password or add one (see this guide).
    • Enable two-factor authentication (see this guide).
    • Delete your account in a certain Mitgo product or service or completely delete your Mitgo ID account (see this guide).
    • Monitor and manage active sessions in Mitgo products and services (see this guide).
  • Mitgo products. In this section, you can:
    • View all Mitgo products and services available to your Mitgo ID account.
    • Go to the website of any product and start your work with it.

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