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What is Take Suggest?

Take Suggest is a programming interface that makes it possible to monetize search requests in the search engine/search box of your browser or website.

The Take Suggest database contains over 300,000 keywords and more than 150 advertisers.
Every time a user types in a search query, the system offers suggestions with built-in affiliated links. If the user clicks on the suggestion, goes to the website, and makes a purchase, the advertiser calculates the commission for the target action.


  • Only the best advertisers that support search traffic are present.

  • Access more than 300,000 keywords and phrases that are incredibly relevant to the advertisers’ subject.

  • High conversion per purchase. Over 90% of affiliated links are for specific goods and services requested by the user in the search engine.

  • Flexible integration. You can integrate Take Suggest into your current suggestions, place it in a separate section next to the search bar, or choose the deployment method that suits you.

How to integrate Take Suggest

1. Create a Take API platform. How to do that

2. Copy the credentials (all three) on the Take API page and forward them to your manager.

3. The manager will connect you to the new product Take Suggest. After that, you can start an integration following the instructions below.

Example of Take Suggest integration






Which countries will be available for integration?

All Takeads advertisers are currently in the DE, US, UK, FR, PL, AT, and NL regions. They can also accept traffic from other regions.

Affiliated links given by keywords will generally lead to links and products sold in the DE, US, UK, FR, PL, AT, and NL regions.

Can I only work with selected advertisers?

No, this option is not currently available.

Is it possible to make changes to the keywords list?

No, this option is not available yet.

Is it possible to change the number of suggestions per keyword?

There are up to five affiliate links per keyword in descending order of popularity. You can choose the amount you need. The brand logo will be displayed next to each affiliate link.

How can I get statistics on how Take Suggest works after integration?

In your Take account, you can get statistics on the number of clicks, actions, and revenue. If you need to get more detailed statistics, send a request to your manager.

Developers Documentation


URL: https://api.monetize.admitad.com/v1/product/monetize-api/v1/suggest
Method: GET

Request headers

Header Value Description
Authorization Bearer <PublicKey>

String of alphanumeric characters with Bearer as prefix, used to authenticate and authorize your API requests.

To learn how to get your Public key, refer to the Receiving API keys article.

Query Parameters

Property Type Description
keyword string

Case-insensitive search phrase containing from 3 to 128 characters.

Example: iPhone 14

countryCode string

Country code in ISO 3166 Alpha-2 format. See details at: List of ISO 3166 country codes - Wikipedia.

Example: DE

Request Example

curl -XGET -H 'Authorization: Bearer '
-H "Content-type: application/json" 'https://api.monetize.admitad.com/v1/product/monetize-api/v1/suggest?keyword=smartphone&countryCode=DE'


Property Type Description
keyword string The search phrase you entered.
hostname string Direct (not affiliated) link to the advertiser’s website.
imageUrl string | null

If you entered <”withImages”: true> in the request, this will have a link to the advertiser's logo (RFC 3986).

deeplink string

Affiliated link (RFC 3986).

Example value

  "meta": {
       "keyword": "samsung s20"
  "data": [
            "hostname": "idealo.de",
            "logoUrl": "https://monetizeamex.com/logos_v2/120x60/68fa9b8344fd3a5af9d6ce85a68f43c6.gif",
            "deeplink": "https://api.smartredirect.de/redir/clickGate.php?u=abasdfaasdasdasd&p=ImlhdCI6MT&m=123&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.idealo.de%2Fpreisvergleich%2FOffersOfProduct%2F200005952_-galaxy-s20-samsung.html"
            "hostname": "mediamarkt.de",
            "logoUrl": "https://monetizeamex.com/logos_v2/120x60/d2aa94472e90198a9756640c9a83cff6.gif",
            "deeplink": "https://api.smartredirect.de/redir/clickGate.php?u=abasdfaasdasdasd&p=ImlhdCI6MT&m=123&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediamarkt.de%2Fde%2Fproduct%2F_samsung-galaxy-s20-fe-new-edition-128-gb-cloud-navy-dual-sim-2734970.html"
            "hostname": "samsung.com",
            "logoUrl": "https://monetizeamex.com/logos_v2/120x60/df3d3fcaf3c3fe2f6976a83ca38d428c.gif",
            "deeplink": "https://api.smartredirect.de/redir/clickGate.php?u=abasdfaasdasdasd&p=ImlhdCI6MT&m=123&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.samsung.com%2Fde%2Fsmartphones%2Fgalaxy-s20%2Fbuy%2F"
            "hostname": "saturn.de",
            "logoUrl": "https://monetizeamex.com/logos_v2/120x60/b2218eec450479d043859d79436a5a8f.gif",
            "deeplink": "https://api.smartredirect.de/redir/clickGate.php?u=abasdfaasdasdasd&p=ImlhdCI6MT&m=123&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.saturn.de%2Fde%2Fproduct%2F_samsung-galaxy-s20-fe-5g-2684301.html"
            "hostname": "otto.de",
            "logoUrl": "https://monetizeamex.com/logos_v2/120x60/80d5e533ff1e8587f8714ad9d31bf5ac.gif",
            "deeplink": "https://api.smartredirect.de/redir/clickGate.php?u=abasdfaasdasdasd&p=ImlhdCI6MT&m=123&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.otto.de%2Fp%2Fsamsung-galaxy-s20-enterprise-edition-smartphone-15-83-cm-6-2-zoll-128-gb-speicherplatz-12-mp-kamera-1523748294%2F"

To view possible error responses, refer to the Error responses article.


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