How to work with the Promo code requests section

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If you do not have access to this section, contact your manager or Admitad support.

To promote and advertise your products and services more effectively, publishers can request promo codes from you.

The requests are sent to the Promo code requests section (Menu → Tools → Promo code requests). Here you can view the publisher's request:

  • View information about the publisher and their ad space
  • Find out how exactly the publisher plans to use the promo code and advertise your products
  • Learn about the terms of using the promo code as requested by the publisher
  • Agree to grant the promo code, decline the publisher's request, or offer your own terms.

How to process a promo code request

If you manage your program on your own, regularly check and process new promo code requests (at least once a week).

1. Go to Promo code requests (Menu → Tools → Promo code requests).

The table will be empty if no publishers have sent you any requests yet.

2. Click the arrow in the Request created column to sort the requests by their creation date. Consequently, the newest requests will be displayed at the top of the list.

3. Read the publisher's request.

    • The request ID

    • Publisher. The login of the publisher who created the request.

    • Request created. The request creation date and time.

    • Ad space. The publisher's ad space to advertise your products using the promo code.

    • Promotion. How exactly the publisher plans to advertise and sell your products on their ad space.

    • Status. The request's current status:
      • Processing. You haven't reviewed the request yet.
      • Declined. You declined the request.
      • Approved. You approved the request.

    • Promo code. The code word of the promo code as requested by the publisher.

    • Terms. The terms applicable to the buyer after using the promo code. For example, a discount as a percentage or a fixed amount, free delivery, a gift, etc.

    • Action. This contains the buttons for approving (mceclip0.png) or declining (mceclip1.png) the request.
      These buttons will be inactive if you've already processed the request.

    • Comment. Additional information from the publisher about their request. For example, the publisher may request a promo code that can be placed without an affiliate link.

    • Response. If you indicated a reason when declining the request, the reason will appear here.

4. Make a decision about the request.

  • If you're not willing to provide the requested promo code (for example, you don't want to give out such a promo code, or the terms aren't suitable for you, and you'd like to change them):
    • Click mceclip1.png in the Action column.
    • In the window that opens, describe the reason for the denial and/or offer new terms.
    • Then, click Decline request.
  • If you're willing to grant the requested promo code:
    • Create the promo code in your system.
    • Then add the promo code to your affiliate program (instructions).
    • Return to the Promo code requests section and click mceclip0.png in the Action column.

Done! You've now successfully processed the publisher's promo code request.

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