Take API: overview and integration via API

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Take API is a TakeAds product that allows publishers to create special monetization options for their platform, such as websites, browser extensions, search engines, and others.


  • This product makes it possible to develop the most convenient method for monetizing your project while taking its specific features into account.

  • Take API can be integrated with projects of any complexity and allows new features to be used promptly and with little effort.

  • It features over 30,000 advertisers ready to pay for your users’ purchases.

How to integrate Take Link

Do the following to integrate your platform with Take API:


Add your platform

1. Log into your TakeAds account and choose ProductsTake API in the side menu.

2. Fill out the form:

  • Platform type. Select the appropriate type.

  • Platform link. Add a link to your platform’s main page.

  • Name. You can give your platform any name. It will only be shown in your account. You can change it whenever you need to.

3. Click Add platform.

Done! The platform has been added. Where added platforms are shown



Add authorized origins

What origins are and how they work

Authorized origins are a security feature used to prevent unauthorized access to private data. Without this feature, attackers can easily steal personal information and do other malicious activities.

At Take API, an origin is mainly defined by its protocol, domain name, and port number if the website port is anything other than port 80.

The website sends requests to the TakeAds API only from the authorized origin. If any other origin attempts to access the API, the request will be blocked as it doesn’t match the allowed origin.

  • To safeguard against unauthorized access, TakeAds requires that the website register a specific authorized origin with their API. This authorized origin is usually the domain name for the web application.

    In this case, the authorized origin might be "https://www.example.com", which is the domain name for the website.

    Authorized origins are also used in other web applications and services, such as cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), which allows a website to request resources from a different domain. In this case, the authorized origin is used to determine which domains are allowed to access the resources and prevent unauthorized access.

    In summary, origins are required for websites to allow access to their resources only to authorized sources and prevent malicious activities. Without origin restrictions, servers will be vulnerable to various security breaches and attacks.

Adding an origin

To add an origin:

1. Insert the address of the origin in the Origin field.

Examples of origins:

2. Click Add.

Done! The origin has been added.


You can add the origin to a previously created platform. To do so, click My platforms in the side menu and find the one where you need to add an origin. Click  set-up.png  and follow these instructions.


Use credentials to access Take API

The following credentials will be automatically generated:

  • Platform ID
  • Public key
  • Private key.

After credentials are generated, add the Public key to the header when sending API requests.

To generate new credentials, click Regenerate credentials.

Note: When you regenerate credentials, all requests that use old credentials won’t be authenticated or processed.

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