Tokens and creatives: An ads labeling tool

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Tokens and creatives is a tool that will help you label your ads before publishing them in compliance with the Federal Law "On advertising". Learn more about this law

This tool allows you to upload information on your creative (a final form of your ad) and get a unique token (identifier) for it.

Please note:

  • Before uploading your creative to the tool, save it on your side in the form you upload it to Admitad (i.e., the entire text and image). Your creative will be sent to the UROA (Unified Register of Online Advertising), but you won't be able to preview it after sending it. Only part of the data will be shown in the creative info.

  • Any creative should be published in the same form in which you registered it. If you want to make any changes, you have to register a new creative.

  • You have to generate a unique token for each creative. You can't use the same token to label different ads/creatives.

  • You must label images with the "Advertisement" label and advertiser information before submitting.
    AliExpress: Specifics of registering creatives and ad labeling
    Ad labeling rules

  • You may not submit creatives that violate Russian laws. You're personally responsible for ensuring that your creatives comply with applicable laws.

How to register a creative

1. Go to Tokens and creatives ( menu → Tools → Tokens and creatives → Creatives registration).

2. Select an ad space and a program to which your creative is related.

In the Program field, only the programs to which the selected ad space is connected are available.

3. Select creative type:

  • If your creative consists of text and a link, select Text block.
  • If your creative consists of text, an image, and a link, select Image-text block.
  • For a clickable image, select Banner.
  • If none of the above types works for you, select Other.

4. Give your creative a simple and readable name. It won't be submitted to the UROA; it'll only be used in your Admitad account.

You can easily find any creative by name in My creatives and tokens to publish a labeled creative.

5. If your creative contains text, copy it to the Creative text field.

Please note: If you leave the field empty, you'll have to upload an image (see Step 8). Otherwise, you won't be able to submit a creative because it can't consist of a link only.

6. Insert a direct link to the website of the advertiser whose program you chose in Step 2.

You can specify a link to any website page. If you leave this field empty, the link to the advertiser website's homepage will be used as a target link.

7. If you want to track statistics on an affiliate link, specify a SubID. SubID in affiliate links: what it is and how to use it

8. Briefly describe the creative in the following format: "Brand name. Product/service type."

9. If your creative consists of an image, be sure to add an Advertisement label and advertiser information to it.

AliExpress: Specifics of registering creatives and ad labeling
Ad labeling rules


Click Add file and drag-and-drop the labeled image to the upload area. You can also click Open and select an image manually.

  • Allowed formats: JPG, JPEG, or PNG
  • Max file size: 10 MB

Before submitting a creative for registration, make sure you save its full text and/or image. After you submit your creative to the UROA, Admitad will only store part of the information about the creative. You won't be able to completely recreate it.

10. Click Send.

Done! Your creative has been submitted to the UROA.

You can now go to the My creatives and tokens tab, and if you've already received a token, use it to label your creative.  

Where you can find the received token

You can find all received tokens in the same section. Go to the My creatives and tokens tab.

You can filter table data by program, creative type, creative status, or date the creative was created.

In the Creative status column, you can see at which registration stage your creative is:

  • Token received. Creative registered, a token is assigned to it. You can:
    • Copy the link with the token ( icon). 
    • Open the creative ( icon) to view or copy the token.

  • Processing in the UROA. Your creative hasn't been registered yet.

    Creatives for AliExpress may spend up to several days in processing due to technical peculiarity of this advertiser.

  • Failed to receive the token. Your creative hasn't been registered. Try registering it again.

For more details on the submitted creative, click in the right-hand column. 

Creative information won't include the image you uploaded, and part of the text can be cut out. All this happens due to the technical specifics of the tool. But rest assured, the UROA will receive creative information in full, exactly as you've submitted it.

AliExpress: Specifics of registering creatives and ad labeling

  • Creatives for the AliExpress program may spend up to several days in processing due to technical peculiarity of this advertiser.

  • When labeling advertisements, it is crucial to correctly specify the information about the advertiser (who orders the ad): their legal entity and tax number. The advertiser may be either:
    • AliExpress; 
    • the company of the merchant who places their goods on the AliExpress website.

How to get information about the advertiser to label the ad:

1. Wait until the creative gets the "Token received" status.

2. Open the detailed information about the creative.

3. Copy the text from the Advertiser field and use it for labeling.
Ad labeling rules


Why can't I access the tool?

The tool is only available if your ad space is connected to at least one program that is subject to the Federal Law "On advertising".

You can view such programs in the Admitad Store catalog using the With marked ads filter

If the tool is unavailable to you, your ad space isn't connected to any such programs.

Why do I see the tax and legal details form when I open the tool page?

Providing these details is a mandatory step in using the tool.

The law prescribes that any online advertisement in Russia must be labeled and registered. Information on the advertising service contractor must also be submitted to the UROA. 

Without this information, Admitad won't be able to send reports on your ad placements and fulfill this legal requirement on your behalf.

Can I use the tool via API?

No, you can't yet. But if you need to, please contact us via support or your manager.

How do I shorten links with tokens that I generate with the tool?

You can use Shortlink

You'll receive a short link that will contain a token. It's important since the law requires the link to contain the token.

If you want to use your own or a third-party tool to shorten links:

1. Copy the token you received.

For that, open the information on the uploaded creative in My creatives and tokens ( icon), and in the token section, click .

2. Add this token to your shortened link using the erid= parameter.

Example 1. A shortened link only contains the erid parameter, or it goes first

At the end of the link, add ?erid=your_token:

Example 2. The shortened link contains several parameters, and erid isn't the first

Add &erid=your_token to the desired place among other parameters:

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