Why did the advertiser reject my ad space?

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Reasons for rejection

Advertisers can reject applications for joining their programs for the following reasons:

Reason Explanation and/or example
Does not meet the rules Your ad space does not meet the rules. E.g. your ad space is a doorway and this program does not allow the doorway traffic.
Non-target audience The subject or region of your ad space does not match the program's subject or region. E.g. you have a site about home decor and want to advertise cars.
Insufficient information You have provided too little information about your traffic source and how you are going to promote the program's products or services.
The advertiser is not interested in cooperation This reason is provided in one of the following cases:
  • The advertiser temporarily does not connect new publishers, as the program has no spare budget to pay them.
  • You have already worked with other programs of the advertiser, but your traffic quality was low (few clicks and actions, low conversion, a high percentage of rejected orders).
  • If you have violated the rules of affiliate programs and/or Admitad rules during your work, the advertiser may consider you an unreliable publisher and refuse to cooperate with you.
  • Your ad space's audience is not large enough.
  • The advertiser is not interested in the traffic type you provide.
  • The advertiser did not like the design of your ad space.
Other reason You might receive this reply when the advertiser has other reasons for declining an application but they do not match any of the above.


What do I do if the advertiser rejected my ad space?

Try to join another program

Don't get too upset if the advertiser dismissed your application. With a choice of over 1,500 programs in our catalog, you will easily find one to join. Stick to these recommendations to secure higher chances of getting let in.

  • Join a program that uses automatic moderation
    The catalog offers some auto-moderation programs. When trying to join such programs, you don't need to wait until the advertiser approves your application. Just click Connect on the program page and start working. Read more about how to find auto-moderation programs
  • Try to work with programs through Admitad Extension
    Admitad Extension is a browser extension that allows creating an affiliate link quickly while on the advertiser website.
    The extension has two tabs: Lite and Pro. Lite is your best ally for a fast takeoff.
    It grants access to over 60,000 programs not listed in the catalog. With that, you don’t have to join them: an affiliate link will be available straight away.
    Please note that Admitad Lite applies a pack of restrictions regarding ad formats, traffic sources, and space types. 

Contact support

  • To learn more about the reason for rejection
    You may want to know why your application was rejected if you strive to improve your ad space and find out what the advertiser did not like about it. If there is too little information in the notice of rejection, you can contact Admitad support and ask a support agent to provide you with more details.

  • To re-submit a join application
    Once one of your ad spaces is rejected, you cannot request joining that space to the same program again. However, if you do want to join a specific program, contact the support desk. How to contact Admitad support
    Make sure your ticket has a detailed description of your traffic source and how you are going to promote the program. If possible, provide screenshots of stats reflecting your performance with similar programs.

    A support agent will convey all the information you provided to the advertiser's manager. After that, your application will be reviewed scrupulously. Keep in mind that reconsideration cannot guarantee acceptance. Anyway, it is the advertiser who makes a decision on whether to connect your ad space to the program.

How can I improve my chances?

Leverage the following recommendations to boost your chances of getting your ad space connected to the desired program:

1. Read program rules and descriptions carefully.
Only join those programs that allow the traffic you provide and whose regions match your ad space's region.

2. Only go with programs that are relevant to your ad space.
Before joining, take time to assess whether your audience will be interested in a specific product you are going to promote.
For instance, if your ad space is a Facebook community for young mothers, building tools will be unlikely to spark your users' interest.

3. Tell as much about your traffic source as you can.
When joining a program, indicate the following in the field "How will you promote the affiliate program?":

  • how you plan to promote the program and its products and/or services (banners, native-ad posts, etc.)
  • traffic sources you are going to use
  • if possible, provide some screenshots of stats reflecting your performance with similar programs

The more information you provide, the higher the chances that the advertiser will accept your join request.

4. Grow your ad space.
Publish noteworthy content, try new ad formats, test-drive various products and presentation methods. Not only can it expand your audience and boost your chances of joining programs, but it also will improve traffic quality and thus let you earn more.

5. Enhance your ad space design.
Most advertisers care too much about their brand image. In view of this, they prefer esthetically appealing, flawless-layout, and friendly-interface ad spaces.

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