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Account check is a procedure during which you have to tell in which ad spaces and how (by product reviews, newsletters, banner ads, etc.) you share affiliate links.

This check is required to maintain the high quality of publisher traffic and timely detect violations.

When account check is initialized

Account check is carried out regularly, and if you're attracting quality traffic, your account may be granted level increase.

Also, a Quality Department specialist may send an account for the off-schedule check at suspicion of a violation.

Check procedure

If your account gets under moderation, you will see a notification in the bottom right corner on every page of our website.

Account check 1

Now you need to provide information on traffic sources.

1. In the notification text, click provide information.

Account check 2

You will get to the Checking account page where you will find general info and learn about the restrictions and capabilities of your account during the check.

Account check 3

2. In the below field, provide all the possible details on where and how (product reviews, newsletters, context ads, etc.) you publish affiliate links.

Provide additional data depending on the ad space type:

  • For social media, provide links to posts.
  • For teaser networks, provide ad screenshots.
  • For YouTube channels, provide links to videos in descriptions of which you published links.
  • For newsletter, provide screenshots of messages and statistics on them (number of subscribers, message template, share of delivered messages and opened messages, click-through rate).
  • For context ads, provide screenshots of ad campaigns containing the number of clicks and search queries triggering the ads.
  • For a blog, forum, coupon website, shop window, or another personal ad space, provide a link to the ad space and grant the Quality Department ( guest access to stats.

3. Having provided the information, click Send info.

Account check 4

Your information will be sent as a request to Admitad support.

You can find it at any time in the Admitad Support Requests section.


If you did not receive the "Provide Information" link

In case you received a check notification, but there is no "Provide information" link in it (as in the screenshot below), send us a message to the email


In your message, provide information described in step 2 of the "Check procedure" section.

Important! Send a message from the email you used for registration in Admitad.


When account check is finished

If you provide all traffic source information, the check will not take longer than 2 to 3 days. If the check lasts longer, contact support.

Check results

A Quality Department specialist will analyze the information you provided. After that, there may be one of the following outcomes.

Successful check completion

If you lead fair-quality traffic and do not violate the rules, you will successfully pass the check and all the restrictions will be lifted. The Quality Department specialist will notify you about it in the request reply.

Request for additional information

If you provide insufficient information, the Quality Department specialist will request more traffic source information (stats, screenshots, etc.) or ask a few more questions.

Having received full information, the Quality Department specialist will deliver a check resolution and notify you about it in the request.

Violation warning

The following violations may be detected during an off-schedule account check:

  • you used the advertiser's brand name in context ads (in cases when it's not allowed by the program)
  • you used the competitor's brand name in context ads (prohibited by Admitad rules, Paragraph 5.5)
  • you create a community in a social network using the advertiser's brand name (in cases when it's not allowed by the program)

In this case, you will receive a message containing information on the violations found and a recommendation to correct them as soon as possible.

Having corrected the violations, inform the Quality Department of it in the request. The Quality Department specialist will make sure there are no more violations and notify you about the successful check completion and lifting the restrictions.

If you ignore the Quality Department specialist's recommendation and leave the violations uncorrected, your account may be disconnected from the affiliate program or even blocked.

Account blocking

If fraud, major or repeated violations of affiliate program rules and Admitad rules are detected and proven during the check, your account will be blocked and earned funds sent back to the advertiser.

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