Why do I see no user clicks or actions in my reports?

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No clicks

Likely reason Solution
Clicks were not uploaded to reports yet. Usually, reports are updated every 15 to 30 minutes but it may take longer in case of a high load. Please wait as long as told, and then check the reports again.
Users did not notice your ad or were not interested in it. Try other ad formats. If the situation does not get better, chances are the ad topic is not relevant to your audience. Try another one.
You use direct links to the advertiser website instead of affiliate links. In your ad space, replace all the direct links with affiliate links. Where can I get an affiliate link?
Tool issue (e.g. an affiliate link doesn't work, Moneylink does not replace links, etc.) Make sure you follow applicable rules and instructions when using tools. You can find them in the Tools section of our Help Center. Check affiliate link functioning with the use of the Link Checker.
Your prospects use ad blockers, antivirus software, or browser with built-in ad arresters. If possible, explain the situation to the users (e.g. tell them that you can create helpful content using funds you earn with ads) and ask them to disable ad blockers or antivirus programs.

Got clicks but no actions

Likely reason Solution
It takes time to decide whether to purchase a product or service. Such a situation may happen to travel or finance products (e.g. flight tickets or credit cards). The same works for electronics or premium apparel. Wait until your users resolve to make a purchase, or focus on promoting products not too serious to think over (e.g. small things from AliExpress).
Your ad does not correspond to what a user sees on the website. Say, you promise gigantic discounts but the advertiser website does not mention one. You may manage to attract users and make them click the link only to get disappointed and leave the website without having made any purchase. Be careful with your ad content and only promise what the advertiser can deliver.
Problems on the advertiser's side (e.g. unfriendly website UI, expensive shipment, inconvenient payment methods). Check advertiser websites before promoting them. Put yourself in a prospect's place: would you buy anything on the website you promote? If you do not like the website, your audience's opinion is likely to be the same.
You tackle mobile traffic but the program does not track actions on the mobile website or in the app. Only choose programs that support tracking on the mobile version of the advertiser website and in the application. Check out such programs How to find mobile-friendly programs: go to Admitad Store and filter in Mobile website tracking and Mobile app tracking.
Problems with action tracking in an affiliate program.

If the action is not reflected in the reports, see if the program might be failing to track actions. You can do this by checking the Latest action metric on the program page.

It displays the date and time when the last target action on the program was performed; it takes into account the traffic of all publishers who work with the program.

  • If the latest action was registered within the last two hours, then the program actions are being tracked correctly. Check the other possible causes in this table.
  • If the latest action was registered more than two hours ago, it's possible that there is a problem with tracking actions in the program. In this case, submit a request to Admitad support. In it, specify the affiliate program which seems to have problems with tracking. Also, state the date and time when you were driving traffic to the program and when the target actions that didn't show up in the statistics were performed.

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