Why has an advertiser declined my actions?

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Reasons for declining actions

Below are the main reasons for which advertisers might decline your actions.





Giving explanations of why actions have been declined is not mandatory for advertisers, as many of them do not have the technical capability to transmit this information.

1. You have violated terms of cooperation either with the program or with Admitad

For example, instead of the promo codes provided by Admitad, you used codes from other sources in your advertisement, although doing so is prohibited by the affiliate program rules.

Or maybe, you used a competitor's brand name in your contextual advertising (prohibited by Admitad rules, Paragraph 5.5).

In either case, all the actions that involved rule violation will be declined.

If you continue violating affiliate programs' and/or Admitad rules, all of your actions will be declined, and your ad space will be disconnected from the program. In case of particularly severe violations, your account might be blocked altogether.

2. Order was canceled or returned by the customer

It is possible that a user performed an action but changed their mind later on and either canceled the order while it was being processed or delivered or returned it after it was received.

In such a case, the advertiser will decline the action since it doesn't belong to any of the rates set in the affiliate program.

3. Action was attributed to another source of traffic (another advertising channel)

It might happen that you attracted a user to the advertiser's website, but that user didn't perform a target action. After some time, that user visited the website again, following the advertiser's retargeting advertisement, and that time, they did place an order.

If this action gets registered in your reports, it will later be declined by the advertiser, because the order was placed after the user followed the advertiser's own advertisement and not your affiliate link.

In this case, everything is correct, because action should always be attributed to the last paid source's link the user clicked on before making a purchase.

More on the Last Paid Click / Last Cookie Wins model.

4. Action was placed in a region not covered by the affiliate program

If there are specific countries listed in the Regions section of the program page (e.g. United Kingdom, France, Spain), it means the advertiser only pays the reward for orders placed from one of these countries.

In such affiliate programs, if an action was performed by a user located in a region that's not listed on the program page (say in Germany), it would be declined.

5. User placed a wholesale order

For example, the advertiser declined an order that contains over 100 items.

This reason might be applicable if it is mentioned in the program description that the reward is not paid for wholesale orders and/or orders placed by resellers. In this case, there will not be any sanctions against the publisher, however, the actions will be declined since such orders do not comply with the rules of the affiliate program.

How can I find out why my actions were declined?

Sometimes reasons for declined actions can be found in the Comment section of the reports on actions. Unfortunately, not all advertisers provide them.

Admitad managers do their best to motivate advertisers to add comments explaining why actions were declined, but sometimes, advertisers don't have the technical capability to send us this information.

What should I do if my action was declined and the reason is not stated?

Get in touch with our Technical Support and ask them to contact the advertiser and clarify the reason for declining the action.

We would like to remind you that there is no guarantee that the Support will be able to provide you with an explanation, due to some advertisers not having the technical capability to transmit such information.

What should I do if my order was declined by mistake?

If you are sure that the advertiser declined your order by mistake, you can submit an appeal claim using the Lost orders tool and request your order status to be reconsidered.

What can I do to improve the confirmation rate of my actions?

Take some time to examine the details and terms of cooperation of the affiliate program.
Pay attention to the rates and list of regions the traffic needs to come from for you to get rewarded for it. Take all this information into consideration when you work with the affiliate program.

Develop your ad space.
You should always work on improving the quality of your content and the strategy you use for motivating your users to place orders. Don't be afraid to try new formats and think outside the box. When you introduce a product to your users, make sure to provide them with true and detailed information: it will increase the chances of them placing an order and not canceling it afterward.

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