What should I do if I suspect an advertiser of deliberate declining actions?

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Intentional discarding of actions by the advertiser is called "shaving."

How to detect shaving

Here are some clues of shaving:

  • The advertiser declined actions they have earlier approved, without any sound reason.
  • The advertiser disconnected you from the program and declined all your actions due to a violation of the rules that are not described on the program page.
  • The advertiser confirmed the previously declined actions after you submitted an appeal claim.
  • You made a test purchase but it did not show up in stats.
  • You made a test purchase but the advertiser declined it.
  • The action hold time in the program is much longer than the average hold time.
  • The earnings per order are lower than the rate prescribed by the program.
  • The program‘s action approval rate has always been—or recently become—low.

What to do if you discovered shaving

If, while working with an affiliate program, you've noticed one or several events described above, create a request for Admitad support and notify us:

1. Go to the request creation page.

2. Fill out the fields in the form:

  • Subject — "Shaving in the 'program name' program.
    If there are several such programs, specify one of them and list others in the request description.

  • Description — describe suspicious actions on the advertiser's side in detail.
    • Specify when you noticed them.
    • Attach screenshots.
    • If you've made a test purchase, list the steps of placing the order and the list of redirections. Also, attach the receipt and the picture of the product you bought.

4. Click Send.

We'll review the advertiser and notify you of the results in the reply to your request.

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