Publisher's ad space: the basics

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In Admitad, we call an ad space a platform on which publishers promote advertisers' goods or services.

What can serve as an ad space?

Any website on which you can place an advertisement can serve as an ad space. It doesn't necessarily have to be the publisher's own ad space, such as a website or a YouTube channel. There are a lot of other platforms on which it is possible to place adverts: for example, Google search results.

Ad spaces Admitad publishers normally use for advertising are:

  • their social media groups and pages (Instagram, Facebook)
  • their YouTube channels
  • ad placements on social media (targeted advertising)
  • ad placements in search engines, such as Google and Yahoo (see also contextual advertising)
  • newsletters

To learn more about where you could place your ads, read this article: "What can serve as an ad space?"


What if I don't have an ad space yet? How do I choose where to place ads?

1 Learn more about different kinds of ad spaces. These articles will help:

2. Maybe you already have a platform that you could monetize? Even if it seems like you don't, think again: almost everyone has a profile on social media these days or a little group chat for friends or family.
To learn more about how to monetize such platforms, see "Affiliate Marketing for Dummies: Where to Start?"

3. If monetizing your current assets is not an option, you will need to create an ad space from scratch. To make the right choice, analyze your skills and interests and decide whether you are willing to learn something new.


You know a lot about fashion, you are good at writing, but really can't be bothered to make videos. In your case, a Telegram channel or a blog on Medium could be a good solution.


You can also use the scheme below to come up with a decision.

Publisher's ad space: the basics


Why do I need to add my ad space when I'm creating an account in Admitad?

If you don't have an ad space, you won't be able to join affiliate programs and get affiliate links.

Why? It is important for advertisers to know how and where their products are promoted. For instance, some advertisers want to make sure their advertisements are not shown on websites with adult content to avoid reputational damage. Therefore, if a publisher wants to join a certain program, they need to state on which ad space they are planning to promote the advertiser's products.


Can I add an ad space in Admitad and join programs with it but place my affiliate links on another platform?

We strongly recommend not to do so. If an advertiser notices that you have been placing affiliate links on an ad space that hasn't been approved, they have a right to decline all of your actions and earnings and disconnect you from the program.

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