What Is Admitad? The Basics

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In this article, you'll learn what Admitad is, who publishers and advertisers are, and how publishers work with our affiliate network.

Key terms: advertiser, publisher, affiliate network

An advertiser is a company — a store, bank, travel agency, etc. — that wants to boost sales of its products and is ready to pay rewards to publishers who can help with that.

To that end, the advertiser creates an affiliate program on the site of an affiliate network. Learn more below

A publisher is any user who's willing to promote an advertiser's goods and services by placing ads on their ad space. In return, they receive rewards.

An ad space might be a personal website, social media group or account, blog, video channel, web service, etc. To learn more, see this article.

Admitad is an affiliate network that:

  • helps publishers and advertisers find each other; 
  • takes responsibility for the technical aspects of their collaboration (tracking clicks and target actions, gathering statistics, etc.); 
  • regulates interactions between publishers and advertisers.

Admitad helps publishers earn money by promoting advertisers' products online. 

It helps advertisers boost sales of their goods and services. In return, the network receives a commission from advertisers.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a form of cooperation between an advertiser and a publisher. Advertisers create programs on the affiliate network's site, specifying the conditions under which they work with publishers.

For example: 

  • the target action for which publishers receive rewards (signing up, buying something, installing an app, etc.); 
  • the amount the publisher receives for each target action completed after following their affiliate link; 
  • where and how ads can be placed, as well as other program rules. 

The rules for working with a particular program can be found on the program page (MenuRules).


All the programs that are available in Admitad can be found in the Admitad Store. To learn more, see this article.

How Admitad works for publishers

The image below illustrates the workflow for publishers. Further down is a description of each step.


1. After registering, the publisher adds their ad space to Admitad.

2. Then they join programs from the Admitad Store with their ad space.

3. The publisher receives affiliate links to advertisers' goods/services and places them on the ad space.

4. Users follow these links and complete target actions. Info about their actions and affiliate link clicks is included in publisher reports in the Admitad personal account.

5. The advertiser checks that the target action was completed and was in compliance with the program rules. 

  • If there are no issues, the advertiser confirms the action. 
  • Following confirmation, a reward for the target action is credited to the publisher's balance.

6. The publisher can withdraw their funds using one of several methods. 

To learn more, see this article.

Admitad's role

Admitad offers publishers:

  • access to several thousand programs of verified advertisers in the Admitad Store
  • useful tools to make working with programs easy; 
  • a system for tracking target actions and clicks; 
  • detailed reports for analyzing ad effectiveness and earnings;
  • convenient ways to withdraw funds; 
  • protection from fraud and help resolving disputes; 
  • support and training at every stage.

Admitad also monitors advertisers' and publishers' observance of rules to ensure honest, transparent cooperation.

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