How to withdraw funds from ConvertSocial

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Once your earnings in the module Ready for withdrawal reach the minimum withdrawable amount (€20), you will be able to withdraw your funds.

For that:

  • go to Withdrawals
  • or, click Withdraw funds in the module Ready for withdrawal of the section Balance

To withdraw funds, you need to add at least one withdrawal method. Here's how to do that.

1. In the module Withdrawal methods, select the method you want to use to withdraw your funds.
You can only withdraw the entire balance amount from ConvertSocial.

2. You will see the module Payment amount.

Depending on the selected withdrawal method, it will display the following:

  • Amount after conversion. Only displayed in the currency in the selected withdrawal method differs from your ConvertSocial balance account (€). To see the exchange rate, click the hint next to the field Amount after conversion.

  • Fee. Only displayed if the payment system charges fees for withdrawing funds using the selected method.

  • Payment amount. The total amount that will be transferred to the selected account after conversion and deducing the payment system fee (if any).

The module Additional info displays the following:

3. Click Withdraw funds to create a payment request.


You will see a message saying your withdrawal request was created successfully. It will also include the expected payment date (for all withdrawal methods but bank account) and the amount to be debited from your balance.

The same notification will be sent to the email address associated with your ConvertSocial account.

If your withdrawal request is declined, the transferred amount will return to your balance. You can view the declination reason in the column Comment of the section Payment requests. Learn more about this section

You can track statuses of requested withdrawals in the section Payment requests.

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