Takeads advertiser catalog overview

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The Advertisers section shows all the brands, stores, and companies ready to pay ad space owners who will promote their products and services.

Every advertiser appears as a card allowing to do the following:

  • Go to the advertiser website to learn more about their company and products.

  • Go to the Advertiser rules section to learn more about terms of cooperation. Learn more about advertiser rules


The catalog may come in handy when you build a content plan for your ad space. For example, you can select which brands or products your next posts will be devoted to.

Advertiser rules

The advertiser rules are the terms of cooperation set forth by a specific advertiser.

The advertiser rules page has two tabs:

  • Allowed countries. The brand pays for orders coming from the specified countries. If an order is made from a country that’s not on the list, it will be declined, and the reward will not be paid.

  • Restricted advertising methods are the types of platforms and formats you can’t use to publish ads.

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