How to withdraw funds from Admitad Earnings Wallet

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Withdrawing funds in UAH to bank cards is temporarily unavailable due to technical problems on the side of the intermediary bank.

Admitad Earnings Wallet is a payout service for Admitad partners that allows users to manage the funds they have earned and withdraw conveniently. Learn more

Currently, Admitad Earnings Wallet is only available to Admitad Partner Network publishers.

To withdraw funds using Admitad Earnings Wallet:

How to create a request to withdraw funds from Admitad Earnings

To withdraw funds, you need to have at least one withdrawal method added. How to add a withdrawal method in Admitad Earnings Wallet

1. Go to My accounts section in Admitad Earnings Wallet:

  • The total amount in all wallets in all currencies, converted to USD is displayed under Current balance.
  • Below, the list of wallets broken down by currency is displayed.

2. Click on the wallet you want to withdraw funds from.

3. On the wallet's page, click Withdraw funds.

4. Then choose the payment method you want to use to withdraw money, and click Next in the bottom right-hand corner.

If your wallet's currency is different from the currency of your chosen payment method, the funds will be converted automatically into your payment method's funds.

You can also add a new payment method on this page by click Add next to the payment methods you've previously added.

5. On the next page:

  • choose how you want to withdraw your funds in the Withdrawal type section (1):

    • All funds – if you want to withdraw all the funds available in your wallet.

    • Custom amount – if you want to withdraw only part of the amount. In this case, enter the required amount in the Specify amount field.

    • Amount for selected period – if you want to withdraw the amount for the selected period. In this case, enter the period start and end dates in the Specify period field.

  • choose how you'd like the money to be paid out under Express payment:

    • check the box to order an express payment.
      Express payments are carried out within 24 hours.

    • uncheck the box to order a standard payment.
      Standard payouts are done once a week, on Thursdays. However, only requests made during the previous week are paid.


6. Click Withdraw funds.

Done. You've created a request to withdraw funds from Admitad Earnings Wallet.

I requested a payment. When will I receive my money?

On the next page, you'll see detailed information about your request.

If your legal entity is registered in Brazil, India, Russia, or Ukraine, after creating a payment request, you need to add your payment documents to the request. How to do that

Next, you can:

  • go to the history of operations for this wallet by clicking Go to history
  • create a new request to withdraw money by clicking Request new payment
  • or return to the main page by clicking Back to My accounts.

Information on the created request will also appear in the Transaction history section. In the section, you can track statuses of payment requests, download the invoice and statement corresponding to the request, and also add your payment documents to the requestLearn more about the section

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