How long does moderation take? When will advertiser connect my ad space to their program?

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The moderation time depends on the moderation type set in the program: automatic or manual.

Automatic moderation

If the advertiser set automatic moderation (auto-approval) for their program, you will join the program immediately after clicking the Join button.

How can I find programs with automatic moderation?

To find such programs, enable the Auto moderation filter in Admitad Store.

How long does moderation take? 1

Manual moderation

Some advertisers prefer to process applications of each publisher manually. With that, it is the advertiser who decides how often to carry out moderation.

On average, manual moderation lasts up to 5 days.

Most advertisers moderate requests regularly: once a week or even daily.
However, moderation may last up to a month in some programs. This may happen in two cases:

  • When the advertiser moderates applications rarely and/or occasionally.
  • In popular programs (less frequent). In this case, even if moderation is carried out often enough, there are too many requests so they cannot be processed quickly.

Some programs show average moderation time on their page:

How long does moderation take? 2

We do our best to encourage advertisers to carry our manual moderation as quickly as possible. However, we do not always succeed in that.

What else affects moderation time?

Some advertisers limit the number of actions in their programs. This is typical of mobile programs and online games.
To keep the limits observed, advertisers connect a limited number of publishers to their programs.

In this case, it is the advertiser who decides how many publishers to connect. This is why they can suspend moderation at any time.

With that, the advertiser does not always decline publishers’ requests. Instead, the advertiser might keep them on hold until they need more publishers. In such a case, a join application can be being moderated for up to a month or even longer.

Why did the advertiser decline my join application?

You can read about the reasons for rejecting ad spaces here.

What do I do if my application is being moderated for too long?

Contact Admitad support

If the advertiser hasn’t reviewed your request within 5 days, contact Admitad support.
A support engineer will contact the advertiser’s manager and try to find out the causes of such a delay.

Join another program in the catalog

If your application to join a specific program is being moderated for too long, don’t worry. Our catalog comprises over 2,000 programs. Taking advantage of such a choice, you can find one you can join easily.

Besides, many programs in the catalog are subject to automatic moderation so you can join them and start working instantly. To learn how to find auto-moderation programs, go to the beginning of this text.

Try working with programs through Admitad Extension

Admitad Extension is a browser extension that allows creating an affiliate link quickly when on the advertiser’s website.

The extension has two tabs: Lite and Pro.
Lite is your best ally for a fast takeoff. It grants access to over 60,000 programs not listed in the catalog. With that, you don’t have to connect to them: an affiliate link will be available straight away.
Please note that Admitad Lite applies a pack of restrictions regarding ad formats, traffic sources, and space types. 

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