How to add or change a phone number in the Admitad Partner Network account

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How to add a phone number

To add a phone number: 

1. Proceed to Settings.

2. In Contact information, click the Mobile phone field and then click Add.


3. In the Mobile phone field, enter the phone number you want to associate with the account.

The phone number should be specified in the international format (starting with +).
For instance: +44 7911 123456

4. Click Send a code

5. You will get a text message with the confirmation code to the specified number. 
Enter it in the Confirmation code field and click Confirm.

Done. The phone number is added and confirmed.

How to change a phone number

Click on the Mobile phone field and follow the specified link to the page for changing the number.



The confirmation code will be automatically sent to your old phone number. Enter it.


Specify a new phone number. Another code will be sent to it. Enter it, too. After that, the new phone number will be saved in your account settings.

If you do not have access to the old phone number, contact Admitad support. A verification code will be sent to your registered email.

I haven't received phone confirmation code

If you haven’t received the confirmation code, request it again. To do so, click Resend:


A new code can be generated only twice in half an hour. If you request a new code more than twice in the past 30 minutes, you will see the following notification in the bottom-right corner:


To request another code, wait 30 minutes since the receipt of the last code.

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