Notice of Using Admitad Partner Network Cookies

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As a Publisher you may be obliged–depending on the jurisdiction you are active in–to inform visitors of your website about cookies that are used on your website, including those placed by Admitad Partner Network (so-called third-party cookies). You should explain what cookies you and/or third parties set and for what purposes you collect this information. Also, you need to obtain consent from users before setting any cookies in their browsers. The consent should also apply to the cookies installed by Admitad Partner Network. 

Below is an example of a notice about using Admitad Partner Network cookies on your website. You can paste it in your cookie policy the way it is, alter it or draw up your own notice. 

«We use a number of suppliers that may also set cookies on your device on our behalf when you visit our website to allow them to deliver the services they are providing. One of the suppliers is Admitad Partner Network. Admitad is an affiliate network, that uses cookies to follow a user’s click on a publisher’s affiliate link through to purchase or lead on an advertiser’s website and associate that back to the publisher who earns a commission off the purchase or the lead. The cookies are set at the moment a user clicks an affiliate link. If you want to get more information about them, as well as information about how to opt out of receiving such cookies, please visit the Admitad Partner Network website at:».

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