Ways to engage publishers in cooperation

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Once you have launched your program, your next task is to invite publishers who will deploy ad creatives in their ad spaces and drive traffic to your website.

The more publishers join you, the more clients and orders you will get.

Inviting publishers to join a program

You can directly invite Admitad Partner Network publishers you’re interested in to join your program.

Do this in the Publisher invitations section (guide).

Bonus program, deals, and individual terms

A publisher's decision to join a program depends on whether there is a bonus program and opportunity for individual terms after reaching a certain turnover. These conditions are usually mentioned in the program terms. Learn more about bonus programs

If you don't want to start a monthly-payout bonus program to attract new affiliates, you can organize a limited-time deal or contest.

For instance, you can associate them with holidays, sale periods, or a newsworthy event.

Main indicators

When seeking programs, a publisher prefers those whose subjects are relevant to their ad space's subject. It's just easier for them to promote such programs.

After that, they consider the following:

  • Program rating (programs are filtered by this parameter in Admitad Store).
  • Payment frequency. The higher the frequency, the more attractive a program is to publishers. A program that pays out quite often inspires confidence in receiving zero-delay rewards. 

Moreover, if a publisher is a beginner and doesn't know much about eCPC and CR, rating is a more transparent indicator to them.

The following key indicators may also affect a publisher's choice:

  • PostClick cookie. The cookie lifetime. The longer the lifetime, the better for a publisher: the higher the chance that a user places an order.
  • Approval rate. A low rate is likely to frustrate publishers, since it usually means that most actions are declined.
  • Average hold time. The shorter the hold time, the faster is a publisher's journey to receiving their reward. Apparently, programs with a shorter hold period see more demand.
  • Average payment time. The average time during which you process and pay for actions. As with the average hold time, the shorter the average payment time, the higher the chance a publisher decides to join your program.
  • Conversion rate (CR). A good conversion rate indicates that the program has a convenient website and a solid product—thus, it's worth joining.

Publishers can see all these indicators in the header of the program page:



Besides, publishers can view how the confirmation rate, hold time, conversion rate, and other indicators changed over time (in Analytics on the program page).


Traffic sources

One of the major determinants influencing a publisher's decision on joining your program is a set of allowed traffic sources.

If a publisher was interested in a program but its rules say it doesn't allow traffic generated by the publisher's ad space, they will have to leave for another program. (And you will lose a promotion channel).

So if you don't see too many joining requests, try making your settings less strict and allowing more traffic sources.

If you have second thoughts about any traffic source, allow it "upon approval" or accept requests from top-level affiliates at the early stage.


It's important for publishers to know what tools are available in your program.

For instance, coupon websites need deals and coupons and the Lost orders tool. Meanwhile, affiliate stores need the Product Feeds tool. Last but not least, every publisher wants a program to support Deeplinks.

Remember that disregarding one or several tools may cost you a pool of potential affiliates.

The tool list is shown on the program page:



Referral program

One of the ways to attract partners is publishing a referral link on the Referral program page (in the About or Cooperation section) of your website.

You can read more about referral links here.

Suspending publisher recruitment

If you are close to depleting your ad campaign budget and can't invite more affiliates, you can suspend publisher recruitment.

Follow these steps:

  •   Check the Pause box in the Recruiting new publishers field of the General settings section (provided that you have such rights).
  •   Tell your manager about your decision. They will check the appropriate box in settings.

After the box is checked, publishers won't be able to apply for joining the program and will see the following hint:

The program has stopped connecting new publishers.

You can pause recruitment for an unlimited time.

Once you resume recruitment, publishers will be able to join your program again.

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