Common questions about Take Link JavaScript

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This text provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Take Link script. Learn more about installing and setting up Take Link JavaScript here.

Does Take Link script affect the website SEO?

No. The Take Link script is uploaded asynchronously and doesn't affect search tags or page code elements, interfering with the page SEO.

Can the script alter website appearance?

No, it can't.

The script can only change how processed links look, provided that you have enabled and configured this option in the script code. For example, if you have selected a special font and color for links or added a brand logo to them. Learn more

Can the script alter the website code?

No, it can't. The Take Link script doesn't affect the website script, nor does it affect WordPress-based websites.

Fully isolated, the script doesn't interfere with the website script. It doesn't affect—and can't be affected by—any other elements.

Can the Take Link script create creatives (e.g., links, banners, etc.) on publishers' websites?

No. The script only monetizes the existing links and brand words on the page where it's deployed.

Can the script be used on WordPress-based websites?

Yes, Take Link is fully compatible with WordPress.

You can easily install the Take Link integration script using the Take Link plugin for WordPress. Learn more

Does the script collect user data?

The script doesn't collect user data, except for Click IP (deleted in 3 days) and Action IP.

Does the script open any additional or background pages?

No, it doesn't. The script only works on pages where it's deployed.

Does the Take Link script work for extensions and browsers?

No, it doesn't. The Take Link script can only be used on websites (e.g., forums, personal blogs, review websites, etc.). With that, you have to be authorized to edit the website code.

Does the script assign first-party cookies to users?

No, it doesn't, since Takeads is not an owner of websites or resources. Users only get third-party cookies essentially generated by affiliate networks through which Takeads cooperates with advertisers.

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