What moderation is and how to pass it

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You can work with many brands immediately after registering in ConvertSocial. But there are some brands that require you to undergo moderation in order to receive a referral link and start working with them.

These brands have strict rules and requirements for their partnering platforms to ensure compliance with traffic quality and the relevance of promo materials placed there. They need to check your social media account and approve it.

ConvertSocial recognizes the significance of this process and offers users a streamlined way to undergo moderation promptly. After moderation, you can swiftly start working with brands and monetizing your social media content.

How to undergo moderation

1. Go to the Brand or Get Link section and choose a brand or use the ConvertSocial Extension.

2. Click Apply for moderation.

3. In the form that opens, fill out the following fields:

  • Social media account. Add a link to your social media account.
  • Reach. Specify your social media account’s monthly reach.
  • In the How do you plan to promote? section, add information about your promotion strategy.

The more details you add about your account, the higher your chances of passing moderation are.

4. Click Send for moderation.

All done! You’ve applied for moderation.

After that:

  • ConvertSocial’s managers will review your application. Please check your email regularly because they may have additional questions or want to request more information from you.

  • If your social media account passes the initial moderation, ConvertSocial will forward your application to the brand to complete the moderation process. Brand-side verification can take from 5 to 30 business days.

  • If your application is approved, you will receive access to the brand’s catalog. This allows you to start collaborating with the brand and earn on it.

If the brand you applied for is still unavailable in the catalog after 30 days, contact our managers at moderation@convertsocial.net.

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