Do you have a referral program?

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Yes, Admitad has a referral program to encourage you to bring new publishers into the system. It works as follows: each publisher including you has a unique referral link that you can use at your ad space or elsewhere. If a user follows this link and signs up to Admitad within a year after clicking on the link, he will become your referral, and you will receive a percentage of Admitad's profit from him. Note that your reward is not withheld from the referrals' rewards, but is paid by Admitad itself, so your referrals do not lose anything.

A user is considered as your referral if they have signed up to Admitad within a year after clicking on a referral link.
You will receive rewards for the referral for one year starting the moment the latter registers in Admitad.

Before joining, please read the rules of participating in the referral program.

To get a referral link, go to the Dashboard and find the Admitad Referral Program block.

Do you have a referral program? 1

  • Your commission is a percentage you get from Admitad earnings on your referrals. Usually, it is 5%, but we may make an exception for publishers who attracted many active publishers.  
  • Total referrals is the total number of publishers who have joined Admitad after clicking your link.
  • Active shows the number of your referrals who made at least one withdrawal from the system.
  • Earnings (this month) is the reward you have received within the referral program in the current month. The reward is calculated as a percentage of Admitad's revenue from the amount that your referrals have withdrawn from the system for this month. The reward is immediately transferred to Confirmed directly. If referrals withdrew funds in different currencies, then your earnings will also be in different currencies. The indicator is zeroed on the first day of each month.

A Report link will appear when your referrals make at least one withdrawal.
Follow the link and you will see the list of new referrals for the current month and your earnings on each of them. You can specify a Registration date and SubID parameters.

Do you have a referral program? 2

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