FAQ on working with AliExpress programs in Admitad

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When are AliExpress program target actions processed?

Target actions are processed when the customer clicks Confirm Goods Received in their AliExpress personal account.

The AliExpress program target action will automatically change to Confirmed within a few hours.

If the customer does not confirm that they have received their order in their AliExpress personal account, then that action may take some time to be processed.

Or the action may be declined for reasons that don't depend on Admitad.


Which AliExpress program should I join?

There are two AliExpress programs in the Admitad Store catalog, AliExpress RU&CIS and AliExpress WW.

The main difference between them is the terms for crediting rewards:

  • in the AliExpress RU&CIS NEW program, full-rate payments are made only for target actions made by users from the following countries: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan

  • in AliExpress WW, only target actions made by users in all the other countries are paid (Europe, America, Asia, Africa).

Read more about AliExpress RU&CIS NEW and AliExpress WW in this article.

What currency are AliExpress rewards paid in?

The currency depends on the program you've chosen:

  • Rewards for AliExpress WW, TR, and IN are paid in USD.

  • Rewards for AliExpress RU&CIS NEW are paid in Russian rubles.

Do actions from orders made on mobile devices count?

All actions are considered by the system, regardless of the type of device they were made on. Actions made in mobile apps and mobile browsers are considered. Actions made on mobile devices pay the same as actions on PC.

If PC users click on your affiliate link and goes to the AliExpress website, adds an item to their cart, and then logs into the mobile application and pays for it, then the order will be recorded in the system, and if the action is confirmed, you'll receive the reward.

How often are AliExpress stats updated?

AliExpress stats are updated every 5 minutes.

Can I get information about carts?

Yes, you can get information about carts.

In Reports on actions (Reports → Reports on actions), alongside the standard columns, you can also see:

  • in your personal account — the name of the product and a link to it.


  • in the XLS export — the name of the product, a link to an image of the product, a link to the product's page, the product's country code, the product's category ID, and the name of the product's category.


  • in the XML export — a link to an image of the product, a link to the product's page, the product's country code, the product's category ID, the name of the product, and the name of the product's category.


  • in the API – the name of the product, a link to it, and a link to an image of the product.

You can see detailed reports and work with segments of products and users and send traffic to products that are a priority or most sold.

Does AliExpress support working with lost oders?

Unfortunately, AliExpress does not support working with lost orders.

Does AliExpress give bonuses for new customers?

As of May 31, 2022, AliExpress does not give bonuses for new users.

Previously, the AliExpress affiliate program paid an increased reward for new users for cashback services and browser extensions.

Does AliExpress provide licenses or letters of guarantee for advertising networks?

No, it doesn't.

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