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With the help of the Link Checker tool, you can make sure that you correctly added Deeplink or SubID to an affiliate link.

To check the link, paste it to the Link field and click Check the link.

If the link is correct, all fields will be marked with green checkmarks.

Link Checker 1

However, if the link is wrong or belongs to a disabled program, you will see an error message in the corresponding field.

The tool doesn't check and collect links created on the Lite tab of Admitad Extension.

In the example below, we missed "https" when adding Deeplink.

Link Checker 2

And this error is displayed if the link belongs to the disabled program:

Link Checker 3

With the help of Link Checker, you can find out if AliExpress products are affiliate.

To do so, create a deeplink to the required product page and paste it to Link Checker. If the product is not affiliate, you will see this warning:

Link Checker 4

If the product is affiliate, there will be no warnings.

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