How to use creatives?

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What are creatives?

Ad creatives or just creatives are any materials designed for attracting users’ attention to the advertised product or service. They are usually provided by advertisers, but publishers may create and use their own if they meet the rules of the program.

In Admitad, the concept of “creatives” includes:

How to use creatives?

Below are examples of using creatives at different types of ad spaces. You can follow these examples or come up with your own method.

If you are advertising a specific product or a category of products, you can use Deeplink instead of standard affiliate links. Then the link will lead directly to the webpage of the advertised product, rather than the main page.

  • Insert an affiliate link into posts and reviews at a website, a YouTube channel, in a community or a blog.
    For example, in your Instagram blog about a healthy diet, you can post a recipe for healthy pancakes and leave a comment like “btw I buy coconut flour for pancakes here (and attach the link to the iHerb affiliate program)". Or, if you have made an unboxing of a new Xiaomi, below the video, attach an affiliate link to Gearbest where users can buy it.
  • Use affiliate links in search ads or targeted ads in social networks.
    When creating ads, you will have to specify a link to the advertised product. Paste an affiliate link there.

    Here is how it looks when creating a targeted ad on Facebook:

    How to use creatives? 1

    And in the settings of search or display ads in Google Ads (more information on how to correctly insert an affiliate link in an Ads ad is available here):

    How to use creatives? 2

  • Use affiliate links in cashback services.
    If you own a cashback service, you can add a program as a new partner, create a page with its description, terms, and conditions of cashback accrual, and insert an affiliate link into its logo or a Go to store button.

    How to use creatives? 3

  • Use affiliate links in email marketing.
    In the text of an email or a call-to-action button.

A coupon link

You can get coupon links through the Coupons and deals tool (MenuToolsCoupons and deals). A coupon link is an affiliate link that leads to a deal page. If an advertiser provides a promo code for a discount, the user needs to enter the code word to activate it. In case of a deal, prices of all products on the page already include the discount.

In general, coupon links are popular among users, because they give an opportunity to save money, and that is an extra motivation to make a purchase.

You can use coupon links in several ways:

  • Insert the coupon links in ads at an existing ad space.
    For example, in the above-mentioned pancakes post you can provide not an ordinary affiliate link but a coupon link and specify a promo code in the comment:
    “You can buy coconut flour here (a coupon link). Btw, if you enter promo code IHERBNEW5, you will get a 5% discount :)”
  • Create a community in social networks or in a messenger, that will be entirely devoted to coupons.
    Example of a Facebook group:

    How to use creatives? 4

  • Send emails with personalized lists of coupons and special offers.
  • Create a coupon site.
    In Coupons & Deals, there is an option of exporting coupon links of joined programs as an XML file so that you can upload them en masse to the website, and promptly update them when needed.

    How to use creatives? 5


Banners are graphic images of the advertising nature that publishers can use to promote your goods or services.


You have a website with cosmetics reviews; you are making a promo post for Yves Rocher perfumes, and place a banner of this or a related program aside.

When cooperating with programs of the advertisers who operate in Russia, it is mandatory to comply with the rules described in this guide.

Google Ads

The section is only available in programs that allow contextual advertising (fully allowed or as per agreement with the advertiser).
To find such programs, choose Contextual advertising in the traffic type filter in the program catalog.

If you work with contextual advertising and intend to place affiliate links in the Google Ads ad pieces, you can create links on the program page in the Google Ads menu section following this instruction.

How to use creatives? 6

The link creation form is available only if you choose the Google Ads ad space with the Traffic purchase traffic type.

If you experience difficulties or have any questions, read the FAQ on placing ads on Google Ads or contact Admitad support.

Product feed

An essential tool for owners of online stores. A product feed is a list of products from the catalog of the advertiser. For every product, a description, price, a picture, and an affiliate link are provided.

To get product feed, go to the Product Feeds section (MenuProduct Feeds). Here is a detailed guide for the tool.

Example of an HTML feed:

How to use creatives? 7

Example of an affiliate store:

How to use creatives? 8

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