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Deeplink is a tool for publishers with which they can generate affiliate links that lead to any page of your website. Thus, publishers can direct traffic not only to the main page like when using standard affiliate links but right to the page of the advertised deal, product, or a category of products. It solves the problem of the standard link when a large number of users is lost when they get to the main page instead of the expected product page, as most users do not want to waste their time searching on the website. Deeplink reduces the number of actions in the “click-purchase” chain, which increases the conversion rate of the ad and, consequently, the publisher’s reward and the profit of the affiliate program.

Deeplink is used by

  • Online shops,
  • Online services,
  • Travel programs.

Deeplink will not suit

  • Mobile programs,
  • Online games.

Financial programs almost do not work with Deeplink, either.

The reason is that standard links of these 3 categories of programs usually lead right to a landing page with a call-to-action button, an “Apply for a credit card/loan” page, an app page in App Store or Play Market, i.e. users do not have to search for anything on the website, so there is no need to use Deeplink.

Deeplink is set up by your account manager in General settings when preparing the program for the launch. Such links contain the same parameters as the standard link.


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