ConvertSocial: what's what and how it works

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ConvertSocial is a platform for monetizing social media content and earning online.

The process lies in interaction between creators, brands, and ConvertSocial.

  • A creator is anyone who has a social media profile, blog, channel, or community where they can publish content and posts to promote brands' products and services.

  • A brand is a company—a store, bank, online school, or travel agency—that wants to boost sales of its products. Brands are ready to pay creators for cooperation in advertising their goods and services.

  • ConvertSocial is a platform that helps creators and brands find each other; it creates and manages the terms to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation between the parties.

How it works

1. A creator signs up on ConvertSocial and specifies the ad space—social media profile, blog, community, channel, etc.—where they are going to publish promotional content.

2. From the catalog of 100,000 brands and stores, the creator picks the one they would like to cooperate with.

3. The creator gets a referral link to the brand's product and deploys it in their post.

4. A creator's follower clicks on the published referral link, gets to the brand's website, and makes an action.

5. The brand verifies that the purchase was actually made and the customer did not cancel the action. If it's all right, the brand confirms the action.

6. The creator receives a reward, which is credited to their ConvertSocial account. Further, the creator can withdraw funds in any way that works for them.

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What is ConvertSocial's role

ConvertSocial provides creators with:

  • access to 100,000+ brands and stores across the globe
  • an opportunity to quickly and easily start monetizing content of any format
  • intuitive statistics and handy money withdrawal system, as well as helpful tools
  • support and learning at all stages, from registration to withdrawing earnings

ConvertSocial also controls that creators and brands abide by the terms and rules, and helps resolve tense situations.

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