Why cooperation with the account is suspended

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Cooperation with your social media account may be suspended for the reasons described in this article. Learn more in our Terms of Use.

After blocking, you won’t be able to withdraw money previously earned. Learn more

Low-quality traffic

ConvertSocial is unsatisfied with your traffic quality because you did one of the following things:

  • Performed actions by methods or means that violate current law, the Agreement, or the Terms of Use.

  • Simulated actions by entering deliberately incorrect and/or non-existent data or someone else’s data without the knowledge of their owner when ordering goods or services by any means.

  • Used advertising methods that force a visitor to perform actions by deception, blackmail, or any other activities that violate the visitor’s freedom of choice.

Incentive traffic

This traffic type involves using rewards (points, bonuses, or gifts) to encourage users to complete target actions. Users are interested primarily in receiving the reward, not in the advertiser’s product itself.

Brand bidding

It’s a type of contextual advertising but is categorized separately since advertisers often forbid it. It involves publishing ads containing keywords with the advertiser’s brand name or a translation, transliteration, or modification of it.


Fraud means any attempt to defraud a brand or monetization platform with the aim of earning more profit.

Such violations include fake actions, creating brand website copies, spam, etc.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

This traffic type involves publishing advertisements (text, graphics, or video) based on users’ interests or search queries.

Coupon traffic

This traffic type involves the mass publication of coupons and promo codes from advertisers on an ad space. Built into these coupons and codes are affiliate links to a good or service.

These ad spaces are usually aggregator sites completely devoted to discounts, promos, and similar offers.

Adult traffic

This traffic type involves publishing affiliate links on resources that contain adult content (erotic or pornographic websites, websites of adult stores, etc.).

Your social media account doesn’t comply with the Terms of Use

The following types of websites are forbidden:

  • Direct links to social media without a specific creator account.
  • Links to accounts that you don’t own.
  • Empty accounts without content and followers.
  • Protected profiles on social media.
  • Coupon websites, cashback services, arbitrage systems, contextual advertising.
  • Unfinished websites or websites under development.
  • Websites:
    • Whose content consists exclusively of banners.
    • That use various methods of cheating clicks (motivated clicks, forced clicks).
    • Whose domains are similar to those of popular websites.
    • With lotteries or draws.

What do I do if cooperation with my account was suspended?

If cooperation with your account was suspended, you can’t continue to earn with ConvertSocial.

Remove all referral links and ad creatives from your social media accounts because these marketing materials wouldn’t be affiliated anymore.

After blocking, you won’t be able to withdraw money previously earned due to points 6 and 11.2 of our Terms of Use.

If you think the suspension was a mistake, contact support and describe the situation in detail.

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