Types of programs in the Admitad Store

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The Admitad Store catalog contains three types of affiliate programs:

A program's type determines which tools, creatives, and additional functions it supports. Comparison table

To find programs of a certain type, in the Admitad Store catalog use the filter Program type and check the box next to the relevant type.

Program type descriptions

Managed by Admitad

Programs of advertisers that are managed by Admitad managers. These have the widest range of tools, creatives, and special functions for publishers.

Type of moderation: automatic or manual, depending on the settings of a particular program.

Managed by Advertisers

Programs of small companies. Advertisers themselves manage them. These programs have flexibility in terms of traffic types, but there are restrictions on tools and creatives.

Type of moderation: automatic — ad spaces join the program as soon as publishers click Join.

Third-Party Advertisers

Programs of Admitad partners (other affiliate networks). There are a lot of nuances in how these programs work, as well as certain restrictions. For experienced publishers. Learn more about Third-Party Advertisers

Type of moderation: manual — advertisers review every request and decide whether to allow each publisher to join.

Comparative table: program types

The table below shows which tools, creatives, and additional functions each type of program supports.

by Admitad
by Advertisers
Third-Party Advertisers
Standard affiliate link
Banners and landing pages
Coupons & Deals
Lost orders
Product feed
website tracking
app tracking
on the cart
Vendor bonus

Individual programs may not have all of the tools/creatives/functions supported by the program type. This depends on each program's settings.

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