Transaction history section in Admitad Earnings Wallet

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In the Transaction history section, you will find information on all financial transactions that were carried out in your Admitad Earnings Wallet account.

In this section, you can:

  • view the transaction date and detailed information on any financial transaction

  • download documents (invoice or statement) generated for payment request. How to do that

  • add payment documents to the request or update them (for legal entities from Brazil, India, Russia, and Ukraine). How to do that

Data in the Transaction history section

In the Current balance block, the total amount of funds is displayed for all wallets in all currencies, converted to USD.

Information on completed transactions is presented in a table with the following columns:

  • 1 — transaction date

  • 2 — transaction source depending on transaction type
    • receipt of funds into Admitad Earnings Wallet — in this case, the specified source will be the Admitad product from which funds were transferred. For example, Admitad Affiliate.

    • funds withdrawal from Admitad Earnings Wallet — in this case, the specified source will be the payment method. For example, PayPal or bank account.

    • your bank fee deduction — in this case, the transaction source is not specified.

  • 3 — transaction status with a comment (if one is provided)
    • Under system verification — the payment request to withdraw funds from Admitad Earnings Wallet is being checked by the system.

    • In progress. Expected payment date {...} — the request has been accepted and is being processed. The status also shows the expected payment date.

    • Completed — the transaction was successfully completed: the funds were received to the payment method selected in the request or into the Admitad Earnings Wallet balance (when transferring from another system).

    • Declined — the payment request from Admitad Earnings Wallet was declined.

    • Bank transfer fee — funds are deducted from your balance to pay the bank fee. More

    For legal entities registered in Brazil, India, Russia, and Ukraine, statuses are also displayed on uploads of their own payment documents (more in these instructions):

    • Waiting for payment documents to be added — payment documents must be added. To upload the documents, press Add documents.

    • Added payment documents are under system verification — the documents were successfully added and are being verified.

      • To view the uploaded documents, press View documents.

      • As soon as the verification is successfully completed, the status will change to In progress. Expected payment date {...}.

    • Payment documents are missing or incorrect — not all of the required documents have been added, or incorrect documents were added. To upload the correct documents or add missing ones, press Update documents.

  • 5 — amount of funds for each transaction:

    • positive - if funds were received in your Admitad Earnings Wallet balance as a result of the transaction

    • negative - if funds were deducted from the Admitad Earnings Wallet balance as a result of the transaction. For example, for your payment request or in case your bank deducts a fee.



How to download a statement or invoice for a payment request

After creating a payment request in Admitad Earnings Wallet, a brief and detailed statement are generated automatically for it, as well as an invoice.

You can download a statement for any request, no matter its status.
As for invoices, you can download them for most requests, except for those where you selected I accept the terms of the offer and agree that the total amount may change on the day of payment. In such cases the final payment amount is calculated on the day of payment. This is why you can only download the invoice when the request gets the Completed or Declined status.

To download the statement or invoice for the payment request:

1. Go to the Transaction history section.

2. Press Statements in the line of the required transaction (payment request).

3. In the list that opens, press the name of the required document.
Document download will begin.

Ready. The selected document will be downloaded to the downloads folder by default.

How to view the transaction history for a specific wallet (account)

Your funds in Admitad Earnings Wallet are stored in wallets and divided by currency.

You can view the transaction history for the wallet separately in a specific currency.

To do so:

1. Go to the My accounts section.

2. Press the wallet in the required currency.

You will see the transaction history for this wallet alone.

How to add payment documents to a payment request

To receive a payment, publishers from certain countries need to add payment documents to the withdrawal request. The documents depend on a country and entity type.

Entity type and country Required documents
Companies and individual entrepreneurs from Russia

Depending on the taxation type:


Download document examples


Download document examples
Individuals using the "Bank account" payment method and companies from Ukraine Download document examples
Companies from Brazil Nota Fiscal
Companies and individuals from India

GST Invoice (download Invoice_template.docx and fill it out)

Note: you can attach only one set of payment documents to a single request. With that, the amount in the request must match the amount specified in the documents.

To attach payment documents to a request:

1. In Transaction History, find the withdrawal request with the Waiting for payment documents to be added status (1).

2. In the request line, click Add documents (2).


3. In the new window, click Add payment documents:

  • In the Invoice number field (1), enter the number of your payment document (for Russia and Ukraine, enter the invoice number).
  • In Add files... (2), upload all the required payment documents from the list above.


There are two ways to upload the file:

  • Drag and drop the file into this section.
  • Click the section and browse files on your device.

Note. The payment document number in Invoice number must match the number of the document you are uploading. If these numbers don't match, Admitad will reject your payment documents and your payment request.

4. Click Save.

4. Admitad Earning Wallet will check the number of the payment document and the document you uploaded.

  • If the check is successful, the request will get the In progress status and will be sent to Admitad for further processing. You will see the expected payment date in the request status.

  • If the check is unsuccessful, the request will get the Payment documents are missing or incorrect status. Do the following:

    • In the request line, click Update documents, edit the payment document number, and/or upload the correct file
    • Click Resend. The documents will be sent to Admitad again.

5. This step is only relevant for Russian and Ukrainian citizens

When the request status is changed to On hold, send us the signed and stamped (if applicable) original copies of the documents. You can do this:

  • in the "Diadoc" electronic document workflow system.
  • by mail. To learn the address, expand the list below.
  • Mailing address:
    Получатель: ООО «Спарта»
    127015, г. Москва, вн.тер.г. Муниципальный Округ Бутырский, Новодмитровская ул., д. 2, к. 1, этаж 6, помещение XLV, ком. 1Б

    Mailing addresses for delivery services:
    Получатель: ООО «Спарта»
    Контактное лицо: Ресепшн
    Контактный телефон: +7 495 134-03-13
    Москва, Новодмитровская ул., д. 2к1, этаж 6

  • 04112, м. Київ, вул. Олени Теліги, буд.6, корпус 6, офіс 2
    Контактна особа: Мірошник Леся
    Телефон: +380983647280

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