How to delete an Admitad publisher account

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Important: You can't restore a deleted account.

You can't delete an account if your balance is negative. Learn more

1. To delete the publisher account, go to Settings.

2. Next to the Username field, click Delete account.

3. In the new window, select the reason for deleting the account, then enter your account password, and click Confirm.

4. A message with a special link will be sent to your email. Follow it.

If you have a phone number specified in your account, you will receive a text code to confirm your account deletion request. Enter the code in the on-screen text box to confirm the request.


Done! Your publisher account was deleted.

After deletion, the following details will be destructed:

  • Full name
  • Ad space
  • Contact info, including phone number and email
  • Financial information
  • Guest accounts (if any)

If you want to delete all your Mitgo products and services accounts, you can do it in the Security section of your Mitgo ID account (guide).

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