What does "Vendor bonus" mean?

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A vendor bonus is a special type of rate in an affiliate program. It means that on top of your basic commission calculated according to the regular rates of the affiliate program, you will also get an additional reward if your user's order contains any of the products the vendor bonus applies to.

For example, here is how it would work with the M-Video program.

The main rate in the M-Video program is "Paid order—2.10%." Therefore, if a user follows your affiliate link to the M-Video website, places, and pays for an order, you will receive 2.10% of the total order amount as your commission.

What does Vendor bonus mean? 1

Also, M-video program has a vendor bonus: "Tefal irons—10%." That means that if your user orders a Tefal iron, on top of the 2.10% (according to the "Paid order—2.10%" rate), you will also get an additional reward—10% of the ordered iron cost—according to the "Tefal irons—10%" vendor bonus.

What does Vendor bonus mean? 2


How is the commission related to vendor bonuses calculated?

In the case of vendor bonuses, your commission is calculated based not on the total order amount, but on the price of the item that matches the vendor bonus requirements.

For example, if the total amount of the order is $50, out of which $23 is the price of the iron, you will be paid $1.05 according to the main rate (2.1% of $50) and another $2.30 according to the vendor bonus (10% of $23). In total, your commission for this order will be $3.35.

How is the additional reward registered in the reports?

In the system reports, vendor bonus actions (vendor actions) are registered separately from the main ones. For one order that contains a Tefal iron, there will be 2 actions in your reports:

  • Main action—Paid order.
  • Vendor action—Tefal irons.

What does Vendor bonus mean? 3


  • A vendor action will have the same Order ID as the main action, but with a "_X_Y" at the end.
  • Admitad ID of the main action will be saved as the SubID3 of the vendor action.
  • SubID and SubID1 of the vendor actions will be the same as those of the main action.
  • Those two actions are likely to be recorded one after another in the reports, because the vendor action is created just 1 minute after the main action.

Here is what it would look like for the example above:

  Rate ID Order ID SubID SubID3
Main action Paid order 544162514 1511956210 WP0001227704
Vendor action Vendor bonus: Tefal irons 544163069

(unique ID)


(contains Order ID of the main action)


(matches SubID of the main action)


(matches Admitad ID of the main action)


What happens to the vendor action if the main action is declined by the advertiser?

If the main action was declined, a vendor action will also be declined automatically.

What if several items in the order match a vendor bonus?

In that case, several vendor actions will be registered, and for each of them, you will get additional reward if the advertiser confirms the order.

Why do the main action and vendor action belong to different affiliate programs in the reports?

That happens when the additional reward (vendor bonus) is assigned by a different program. For example, not by M-Video for M-Video, but by Samsung for M-Video.

What does Vendor bonus mean? 4

How do I know to which products is the vendor bonus applicable?

When a vendor bonus is added to the program, a new product feed appears, and its name begins with "Vendor." For example: "Vendor: Tefal irons." That feed only contains those products the vendor bonus is applied to.

How do I find affiliate programs with vendor bonuses in the program catalog?

Filter the programs by tools: tick the Vendor bonus box.

What does Vendor bonus mean? 5

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