What can serve as an ad space?

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Any website on which you can place an advertisement can serve as an ad space. It doesn't necessarily have to be the publisher's own ad space, such as a website or a Youtube channel. There are a lot of other platforms on which it is possible to place adverts: for example, Google search results.

Below are the most popular types of ad spaces used by Admitad publishers. You can either do what they do or come up with something completely new.

For your convenience, we have divided the ad spaces into 2 categories:

Publishers' own ad spaces

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Social media group or personal page:
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
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Messenger channel or group chat:
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
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  • Blog section of publisher's own website
  • Independent blog on one of the blogging platforms (Tumblr, Medium, etc.)
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Video channel:
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo, etc.
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Forum/Review site

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Dropshipping store


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Content-based websites, doorway pages, social media apps, browser add-ons, and toolbars can also serve as ad spaces.

Third-party platforms used as ad spaces

Contextual advertising

For contextual advertising, platforms that serve as ad spaces are search results of such engines as Google or Bing. Their search result pages contain special sections where adverts can be placed. The contents of these ads are defined by the user's search request (aka context) which is why this kind of advertising is referred to as "contextual advertising."

What can serve as an ad space? 1

When you are creating your ad, you need to add relevant keywords, for example "buy lindt chocolate." If those keywords match a user's search request, the ad will appear among the search results.

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Targeted advertising in social media

Social media networks and video hosting sites (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) serve as ad spaces for targeted advertising. These platforms also offer an opportunity to place ads in designated areas. The main difference between targeted and contextual advertising is that when you are setting up an ad in a search engine, you need to add keywords to match users' search requests, while in social media, campaigns are targeted according to the parameters of the audience you expect to see your ads: country, age, gender, etc. Targeting a specific audience with the ads is the reason this type of advertising is called "targeted."

What can serve as an ad space? 2

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Posting reviews on review sites, forums, and groups

Some of the platforms listed in the "Publishers' own ad spaces" section can be used as ad spaces even if you are not their owner. For example, you can write reviews on goods and services on review sites, recommend them on forums, in Telegram group chats, or any other online communities you are a member of.

But before doing that, make sure that placing adverts and third-party links on these platforms are not prohibited by their rules. You also need to draw the limit on how much advertisement you are posting to avoid being reported for spam by other users.

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