How to request a promo code from an Admitad advertiser

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Promo codes are special offerings from advertisers, including discounts, gifts, free delivery, etc. They help incentivize users and encourage them to perform a target action.

You can request a promo code from the advertiser in the Promo code requests section (Tools → Promo code requests).

All coupons and promo codes available in programs by default can be found in Coupons and promo codes (Tools → Coupons and promo codes). Learn more about this section

How to send a promo code request to an advertiser

1. Go to Promo code requests (Tools → Promo code requests).

If you requested promo codes earlier, you will see a table with all your previous requests.

2. Click Request promo code and fill out the following fields:

  • Ad space. Select one of your ad spaces where you are going to publish the promo code. If you want to create a new ad space for it, click Add ad space under the field.
    Other fields will appear in the request only after you select an ad space.

  • I want a personal promo code. Toggle the switch on if you want to get a promo code that works without an affiliate link.

  • Region. Click on this field and check countries where your promo code will be available. To quickly find a country, start typing its name and then select it from the list.

  • Affiliate program. Select an affiliate program for which you want to get a promo code.

  • Promotion method. Describe in detail how you are going to use the promo code for promoting the advertiser's products and service on your ad space.

  • Desired discount. Specify which terms will be available to the user after they activate the promo code. For example, a discount (percent or fixed amount).

  • Desired code word. Enter the code word that will be used as a promo code. Example: SALE30.
    • Maximum length: 25 characters
    • Allowed characters: numbers, Latin letters, Cyrillic letters.
  • Start date. Select the date when the promo code will become available.

  • End date. Select the date since when the promo code will no longer be available.

  • Comment. Provide additional details about your request.

3. Click Submit request.

You will be taken to the Promo code requests section and see the just-sent request in the table with the Processing status.

How personal promo codes work

Personal promo code is a unique promo code that only belongs to you. You can place it without using an affiliate link: target actions will be tracked by a unique code word.
To request such a promo code, toggle on the switch I want a Take&Go promo code in the request form.

How the request is processed

The advertiser will receive your request in their account, review the details, and make a decision.

The advertiser can do any of the following:

If the advertiser approves the promo code request

If the advertiser agrees to provide a promo code on your terms, the following will happen:

  • They will create a promo code in their system and then add it to Admitad.
  • After that, the advertiser will approve your request.

The request status in Promo code requests will change to Approved.

You can now get this promo code in Coupons and promo codes (learn more about this section) and publish it on your ad space.

You can only use the promo code in the ad space for which you requested it. If you publish the promo code on other ad space, the advertiser may decline the actions and ban your ad space from their program.

If the advertiser declines the promo code request

If the advertiser isn't ready to provide a promo code, they will decline your request.

After that, the request status in Promo code requests will change to Declined and the declination reason will be specified in the Advertiser response column.

What to do: Analyze the declination reason.

  • If the advertiser doesn't want to provide a promo code because of your terms or other factors that you can change, try to make some adjustments and send the request again.

  • If the advertiser doesn't want to provide a promo code and with no reason or there are factors you can't affect, try sending your request to another advertiser.

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