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The article contains information about affiliate marketing and the CPA model, how advertisers work with publishers and the partner network, and about the main terms in the industry.

Affiliate marketing is a type of internet marketing that's based on advertisers working with publishers according to the CPA model.

The CPA (cost per action) means that payment is only made when a certain result is achieved, which is designated by the advertiser as a target action, e.g., the purchase of a product, an order being made, or a user registering, among other things.

This business model is an effective way of attracting new clients, increasing sales, and promoting your brand.

Key terms: advertiser, publisher, partner network

An advertiser is a representative of a company whose aim is it increase sales or attract new clients using advertising on the internet aided by publishers.

In order to work with publishers, advertisers launch affiliate programs in Admitad.

Publishers are partners in Admitad, who are prepared to promote advertisers' products and services on their ad spaces.

Web masters can use their own sites, social media pages, personal blogs, channels, or newsletters as ad spaces.

Users that are brought to advertisers' sites are called traffic.

Traffic can be divided into several categories (or sources) based on:

  • the kinds of ad spaces it comes from
  • the way advertisements are placed
  • how the traffic is handled.

Learn more about traffic sources here

Admitad is an affiliate network that acts as a middleman between advertisers and publishers.


  • provides advertisers with access to thousands of publishers all around the world
  • deals with the technical side of the interaction between publishers and advertisers, such as integration with advertisers' sites and/or apps, collecting statistics, tracking clicks and target actions, and paying publishers
  • it provides useful tools to allow advertisers and publishers to operate conveniently and efficiently
  • regulates and ensures honest cooperation between publishers and advertisers - ensures rules are being followed, protects users from scammers and violations, and also helps with resolving disputes.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a form of cooperation between advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers create programs on the partner network site and state under what conditions they'll work with publishers.

Cooperation conditions include:

  • the target action that publishers receive rewards far, such as a new user registering, an item being purchased, or an app being installed, among other things.
  • how much the publisher is rewarded for a target action completed by a user after clicking the publisher's affiliate link
  • the regions of the end users that the advertiser wants to bring in as clients
  • permitted and prohibited traffic sources, location and format of ad placement
  • and other features of working with the program.

Advertisers can manage their affiliate programs themselves, or they can do so with the help of an account manager. Read more

Procedure for advertisers when working in Admitad

Advertisers work as follows:

1. After registering with Admitad, advertisers can launch an affiliate program.

The program will then be available to publishers in the Admitad Store catalog.

2. Publishers send requests to connect their ad spaces to the program.

Requests to join are sent for moderation. Once they pass moderation successfully, the publisher's ad space will be connected to the program.

3. Upon being allowed to join, publishers get to work, they get affiliate links to the advertisers' products and can post them on their ad space.

Every affiliate link contains a unique identifier, which Admitad uses to determine which publisher a completed target action came from.

4. The publishers' users (subscribers, readers, viewers) click on affiliate links and carry out target actions.

This helps advertisers achieve their goals (increased sales or orders, or new clients, etc.).

Info about actions and clicks on affiliate links is included can be found in advertisers' reports in their personal Admitad account.

5. Advertisers regularly carry out verification.

Verification is a process during which advertisers:

  • compare data recorded in Admitad statistics with the data in their own analytics systems
  • check that the completed target action corresponds with their programs' rules.

Based on the results of verification, the advertiser can either accept or decline the target action in Admitad.

6. Based on the actions that have been confirmed, Admitad issues invoices to the advertisers for the services provided.

The advertisers pay their invoices.

Next, Admitad automatically pays rewards into the balance of publishers whose affiliate links were used to complete target actions.

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