How to sign up on ConvertSocial

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1. To sign up on ConvertSocial, go to the registration page or click Sign up on the home page. After that, you’ll be redirected to the Mitgo ID registration form.

Mitgo ID is a service where you add and then manage your personal details and security settings in the Mitgo system. Learn more

If you already have a Mitgo ID account, you need to log into ConvertSocial account using your Mitgo ID email and password.

2. Fill out the form:

  • Enter your email. It will be linked to your account.
  • Set a strong password and confirm it. The password must be at least 8 characters long, containing at least one number and one letter.

3. Flag the box to confirm that you agree to the terms of cooperation and ConvertSocial's Privacy Policy. This is a required step.

We also recommend that you subscribe to notifications from ConvertSocial so you are always aware of the most important platform updates and brand news.

4. Click Sign up.

5. An email message with a confirmation link will be sent to the address you specified. Follow the link inside to finish your registration.

Done! You now have a ConvertSocial account.

After that, you can manage your account details at Mitgo ID. Learn more

Your next step will be adding your social media profile where you are going to publish content with referral links to brands' products and services.

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