Takeads programs: Description and Features

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Takeads programs is a catalog of our partners' programs that you can join without having to undergo moderation. Learn more about the specifics of programs

To start working with Takeads programs:

Done! You'll receive rewards for user actions in the usual way.

Takeads programs Features

1. Display programs available by platform type.

The catalog only shows the programs that match your site's traffic type. To check all available programs, try selecting another site.

2. No moderation.

Your site has undergone a preliminary check, so you can get an affiliate link and start working without going through moderation.

3. Limited set of parameters and tools.

The programs in this catalog have fewer parameters described. However, because there are more programs, it unlocks new opportunities for additional income. Moreover, not all tools are available to work with partner programs. Learn more

4. Post-moderation, an additional traffic check.

After a certain number of actions are tracked, your site may undergo post-moderation, which is an extra traffic check. Once the check starts, a notification will be sent to the email address you used to sign up, provided that you have set up email notifications for Takeads programs.

You can also set up the Postback URL tool to receive the required data in the form of an HTTP request.

During post-moderation, actions performed through the affiliate link you published on your site are not tracked.

The check usually takes one business day. Once moderation is completed, actions performed through the affiliate link will continue to be automatically tracked. You won't have to replace the link.

5. Reports in your account.

You'll be able to check reports for Takeads programs in the usual way in the Reports section.

6. Admitad API support.

You can use the Admitad API to work with Takeads programs in the usual way. API Documentation

  • The table below presents the differences between Admitad programs and partner programs.

      Admitad programs Takeads programs
    Moderation-free startup
    Programs in the catalog 2,000+ 30,000+
    Retrieving data via API (affiliate links, program list)
    SubIDs in the link Up to 5 1
    How to add a SubID
    Creating Deeplinks
    Broken Links tool
    Link Checker tool
    Lost Orders tool
    Promo Code Request tool
    Instant Payout Lite and Pro

How to send a request to join Takeads programs

To access Takeads programs, do the following:

1. In the program catalog, go to the Takeads programs tab.

2. Fill out the following fields:

  • Ad space. Select the ad space you want to connect to Takeads programs.

If you have several ad spaces, you need to send a separate request for each of them.

  • Monthly audience. Enter the approximate number of users of the selected platform.
  • Contact info for custom terms. Add your preferred method of communication to discuss custom terms.

3. Check the boxes to confirm that you:

  • Agree to the processing of personal data and confirm that you have read the Takeads Privacy Policy
  • Understand that if you violate the Takeads Terms of Use, your ad space will be blocked in both Takeads and Admitad

You must check these boxes to send a request.

Then, click Submit request.

4. Your request will be submitted for review, which will take up to one business day.

5. The results of the review will show up in the Takeads programs tab of the program catalog.

You can obtain full or limited access to Takeads partner programs. If your ad space doesn't meet the company's requirements or there are no relevant Takeads programs, your request will be rejected.

To start working with Takeads programs, do the following:

1. In the account header, choose the ad space that is connected to Takeads programs.

2. Open the program catalog and go to the Partner programs tabs.

The page will show the list of programs available for your ad space. The program card will contain the following information:

  • The brand name and URL.
  • The regions in which this program operates.
  • The commission you will earn for target actions.
    The field shows the range of the reward, from the minimum value to the maximum value, that publishers received for target actions in this program.
    If the column is empty, there is not enough data to calculate the commission yet.

3. Pick a program and click Get link.

To select a relevant program, you can sort programs by the desired parameter and/or use the filters.

4. In the window that opens, read the brand description and insert the product page link into the corresponding field.

5. Once the affiliate link is generated, copy and place it on your site. To track actions performed through this link, add a SubID to it. Learn more

Done! From now on, all actions users perform through this link will be tracked, and you will receive a reward for them in the usual way.

You can check the reports for Takeads programs in the usual way in the corresponding section of your account.

Adding a SubID

A SubID is the parameter you can add to affiliate links. It acts as a special tag that helps track how many actions users have performed through a specific link.

To add a SubID to a link to a partner program, do the following:

1. Get and copy the affiliate link to the target program following this guide.

2. Manually add a SubID. At the end of the link, add a "&", GET parameter "s=", and the SubID that must match the following parameters:

  • You can add Latin or Cyrillic letters, special characters, and spaces
  • The SubID length must be no more than 50 characters
  • Do not use the "%00" combination


  • Affiliate link: https://tatrck.com/redir/clickGate.php?u=u68EH62H&url=site.test
  • Affiliate link with a SubID: https://tatrck.com/redir/clickGate.php?u=u68EH62H&url=site.test&s=my_subid

Support Desk

If you have questions about working with partner programs, please contact the support desk in any convenient way:

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