Personal account overview

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This account overview comes with a brief description of the sections and functionality of your Admitad Partner Network Account.

Account header

The header is located in the upper part of the page and displayed on all pages of the account. It includes the following elements:

  • Account information.
  • Buttons for quick access to notifications, the Inbox section, Admitad Support Requests, and Help Center.
  • Menu with account sections.

Personal account overview 1

Account information

Ad space

The name of your ad space is shown in the right corner of the header.

Personal account overview 2

Using the Personal account overview 3 button, you can add a new add space (see the guide).

If you have several ad spaces, you can switch between them with the dropdown list:

Personal account overview 4


In the upper-right corner, you can find your Admitad Partner Network username. Hover the cursor over the username to jump into settings or log out.

Personal account overview 5


Account level

To the right of the username is the account level—i.e., your rating in the Admitad Partner Network system.

Personal account overview 6


Quick access buttons


Personal account overview 7 This is a button that can get you to the Admitad Partner Network notification center. If you have unread notifications, their number will be shown in the icon. When hovering over the notification icon, you will see a dropdown list of five latest notifications. Read more about this section in Publisher notification center.


inbox1.jpg or inbox_2.jpg is a button clicking on which will lead you to the section with incoming queries from advertisers and program managers. More on working with the Inbox section


Personal account overview 8 or Personal account overview 9 is the button clicking on which will lead you to the Admitad Support Requests section. There, you'll be able to create a support request if you have a question or a problem. Guide on support requests


Help Center for publishers

Personal account overview 10 or Personal account overview 11 is a button that opens the Help Center. There, you can find guides on using the system and answers to frequently asked questions. The button is shown not on all pages of the account.


The menu can help you move to any section of your account.

Main page

The main page displays balance info, 30-day reports for all ad spaces, and latest news about Admitad Partner Network programs. Learn more here: Dashboard


This section comprises Admitad Partner Network tools that can help optimize your workflow.

Below are brief descriptions of the tools you can find there. Click on a tool name to open a complete guide for it.

Tool Description
Link Checker This tool helps check if your affiliate links are created correctly.
Postback URL Use this tool to set up reporting by clicks, target actions, and other indicators.
Coupons & Deals Contains special offers from advertisers (promo codes, gifts, free delivery). You can use them in your ad space to spur customers to performing target actions.
Deeplink generator This is a tool for creating affiliate links to specific pages of the advertiser's website.
Broken links This tool collects information about your affiliate links that stopped working for some reason. Using these findings, you can timely replace faulty links to avoid losing profit.
Admitad Extension An extension for Google Chrome and other browsers that allows creating affiliate links right on advertiser websites.
GetUniq A platform for replenishing the balance and managing the budget across all major advertisement networks, in one payment account. Comes with planning, quick launch, and monitoring campaigns. Find the tool here
Shortlink This tool helps shorten affiliate links. A shorter link is a handier link. Moreover, small links look better than those several-liners.
Lost orders

Using this tool, you can file a request on:

  • searching for an order that is missing in the reports
  • status reconsideration for an order that was declined by the advertiser but it complies with the rates and program rules
Moneylink This tool only works for ad spaces of the Website type. It automatically replaces standard links on the website pages with affiliate links—right when the user clicks on a link.
Integration with Google Ads Only works for ad spaces of the Google Ads type. Helps set up automatic conversion (clicks and actions) reporting from Admitad Partner Network to your Google Ads account.
Unique promo codes This tool allows cooperating with advertisers without deploying affiliate links. Orders will be tracked down by the name of your unique promo code.
Admitad Affiliate Bot A Telegram bot that helps quickly create affiliate links and deeplinks, check reports and balance, and get coupons and promo codes.
Admitad Teleport Works for ad spaces of the Website and Browser extension types. When the tool is enabled, users clicking on your affiliate link will land directly on the advertiser website, without any redirection to the affiliate network website. Down the road, more target actions will be tracked and captured.



In this section, you can go to the affiliate program catalog or suggest a new program.

  • My programs. Here you will find the programs to which your ad space is connected.
  • Admitad Store. The list of all affiliate programs in the Admitad Partner Network.
  • New programs. Programs that appeared in the catalog over the last month.
  • Suggest a program. If you want to cooperate with an advertiser who doesn't have their own affiliate program, leave a request, and we will try to add it to the catalog.

Read more about the catalog in Program catalog overview.

Product Feeds

  • Original. In this section, you can export a file with the products of any affiliate program. This function comes in handy if your ad space is an affiliate store or price comparison service—since it will facilitate the upload of the program products to your website.
  • Export templates. Here, you can create a template for a file to use it in further product exports.

Read more about exporting original product feeds and export templates in How to export product feed.


From this section, you can go to the reports on ad space, program, time, and other reports. Reports reflect the number of likes and actions for your affiliate links and respective reward amounts for them, as well as other performance indicators. Read more about using the reports


This section includes the following:

  • Balance history. All transactions pertaining to balance changes (debits or credits). Read more about this section
  • Payments history. Here, the history of transactions to Admitad Earnings Wallet is stored. Admitad Earnings Wallet is a service for Admitad partners that allows managing earnings and withdraw them conveniently.

How to withdraw funds from Admitad Partner Network


In Settings, you can update your personal details, edit or remove ad spaces, manage email notifications and payment details, create guest accounts, set up APIs and two-factor authentication.

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