When your action reward will be confirmed in ConvertSocial

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Earnings for actions are given the Ready for withdrawal status only after the brand has verified and confirmed the action.

After that, you’ll be able to withdraw your money (see the guide).

Action confirmation may take 1 to 3 months.

What affects the action confirmation timeframe

The following factors affect the action confirmation timeframe:

  • The time it takes for the action to be fully completed by the brand (e.g., packing and shipping to the customer)
  • Factoring in potential risks (e.g., the risk of the customer canceling an action or returning it within 2 weeks after shipment)

How the process works: from making an action to receiving a reward for it

After a user makes an action via your referral link:

  • The action info will appear in the Reports section: the Earnings on hold column will show the provisional action reward amount.
  • The provisional action reward amount will appear in the On hold part of the Balance section.

After that, the brand needs to verify that the action was made and that the user didn’t cancel it.

  • If the brand confirms the action:
    • The provisional action reward amount will move to the Confirmed earnings column.
    • In the Balance section, the action reward will move to Ready for withdrawal. You can withdraw your money once the amount here reaches the minimum withdrawal amount (€20). How to withdraw funds

  • If the brand declines an action, you won’t receive a reward for it. The action reward will disappear from the On hold status. Learn more about reasons for declining actions

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