Takeads. The basics

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Takeads offers ready-to-use solutions that will let you commercialize your platform and profit off of it using a CPA or CPC model.

It all revolves around interaction between publishers, advertisers, and Takeads.

  • A publisher is a platform (website, extension, search engine, etc.) owner ready to promote advertisers' products and services on it against compensation.

  • An advertiser is a company (store, bank, online school, etc.) aspiring to boost its sales and ready to pay publishers for promotion.

  • Takeads is a portal providing publishers with the following:
    • Access to 30,000+ advertisers.
    • Products that can help publishers automate monetization of their platforms.

How Takeads works

1. The publisher signs up for Takeads.

2. The publisher adds their platform and selects a product and integration method.

3. The publisher integrates their platform with the selected product and sets its up.

For example, after integration with Take Link all direct links to advertisers' websites will be automatically converted into affiliate links.

4. The user (platform visitor) follows the affiliate link to the advertiser website and places an order.

5. The advertiser verifies that the purchase was actually made, and the customer did not cancel the order. If there are no issues, the advertiser confirms the action.

6. The reward is credited to the publisher's balance on Takeads. After that, the publisher can withdraw their funds using any available withdrawal method.

Takeads' role

Takeads provides publishers with the following:

  • Access to 30,000+ advertisers across the globe
  • Ready-to-use solutions to automate platform monetization and generate effortless income
  • Opportunity to monetize various platform types (websites, forums, extensions, search engines, browsers, etc.)
  • Straightforward reports and convenient withdrawals
  • Helpful tools
  • Support and learning at all stages, from registration to withdrawing earnings

Takeads also supervises observance of the rules by publishers and advertisers; helps resolve disputes.

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